The Banner report SGASADD shows cohort codes and attribute codes associated with a given student. These codes are used by some departments (for example, ROOTS and Perkins Loan administrators) to "mark" their students for tracking and reporting purposes.

  • An Attribute Code provides a way to mark students as part of a specific program or funding stream.
  • A Cohort Code provides a way to mark a cohort of students within a given program.

For directions on how to enter or remove cohort information for a student, see Adding / Removing Student Cohort and Attribute Codes.

For special permission to access SGASADD,your managing supervisor may contact the Data Custodian for Banner Student Records.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SGASADD, then press Enter.

  2. Enter the Student ID (G Number) and Term Code (see table below). 
          If you do not have the ID number handy, click the 3 dots  icon next to the ID field to search. For more help, go to ID Search Tips.
  3. Click the Go icon.

You can now view the Cohort Codes and Attribute Codes associated with the student.

Term Codes:

Winter 2012



Spring 2012



Summer 2012



Fall 2012




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