The General Student Page (SGASTDN) displays academic information about a student, such as:

  • when the student was admitted to the college
  • whether the student has declared him/herself as a "degree-seeking" student
  • which campus they indicated as their home campus (the campus where they take the majority of their classes)
  • the student's residency status (for determining tuition costs)
  • the student's declared Major
  • and more



  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SGASTDN, then press Enter.

  2. Type in the Student's G Number in the ID field.

    • If you do not know the G#, look it up by clicking on the 3 dots  to the right of the ID field. For details about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.

  3. You can enter the Term Code for information regarding a specific term, or leave it BLANK to view the latest record.
    • Term Codes: 201701 = Winter 2017; 201702 = Spring 2017; 201704 = Fall 2017, etc.

  4. Click on the Go button.
    (Or, just click with your mouse in the lower section of the screen.)

  5. If you did not specify the term, you will see the most recently-updated record for the student. To view previous records and terms, press the Down Arrow on your keyboard, or use the scroll bar on the right side.

  6. Click on the tabs (or use the Next Section icon) to navigate to more information.
    • The "Curricula" tab includes two Sub-Tabs, "Curriculum" and "Field of Study."

Interpreting the Results

Click on the 3 dots  next to each field name to see a list of codes associated with that field.

Here is some additional information about some of the unique fields in SGASTDN:

Field Name

Directions / Options

New Term

The most recent term in which changes were made to the student's record.

This field is used when creating a new record or updating an existing record
(for example, to re-admit, change a major, or change degree status).

Student Status

AS = Active Student
IS = Inactive Student (has not attended in 3+ years)

Student Type

0 = Undeclared
C = Continuing
F = First time in College
N = New PCC student with prior credits
R = Re-Admit
Z = Pre-Banner status


This code determines the student's tuition charges. Codes are:
I = In State
R = Reciprocity* (see note below)
O = Out-of-State
F = International

Click on the 3 dots next to each field name to see a list of codes associated with that field.

*A student from another state attending PCC under a reciprocity agreement is still an out-of-state student when state reporting counts are taken. The Banner system recognizes this code for the head count as out-of-state, but the accounting built behind the code recognizes the reciprocal arrangement and charges in-state tuition per credit hour. Out-of-State tuition assessment codes assess per credit hour at the posted out-of-state rate.