SHACRSE - Viewable Transcript

  • SHACRSE shows what courses a student has already taken at PCC, and the grades they have earned.

For a Video Demonstration of SHACRSE, go to the Video Demos page.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SHACRSE, then press Enter.

  2. Type in the student's ID (G Number) in the ID field. 

  3. Leave the term field blank.

All credit and non-credit courses taken by the student at PCC will appear. Non-graded courses and courses in progress will not appear.


  • If there are more courses listed than can fit on the screen right and left arrows to navigate between pages.


  1. To look up another CRN, click the tools link at the upper right side.  This will produce a menu.
  2. Select refresh (formerly rollback)
  3. To exit SFASLST and return to the Banner Main Menu, click the large white X in the upper left corner.


Interpreting the Information
Field NameWhat it MeansOptions & Details


This field shows the term in which the course was taken

Users can sort by term

201701 = Winter 2017
201702 = Spring 2017
201703 = Summer 2017
201704 = Fall 2017

Part of Term

Part of Term for the course


Indicates whether the course was full term or of shorter duration.
Users can sort by part of term


Campus associated with the course


Campus Codes are:
1 = Sylvania
2 = Cascade
3 = Rock Creek
4 = Extended Learning Campus (including SE)
5 = Contract Out of District
6 = Educational Services
7 = Tillamook Bay CC
8 = Columbia Gorge CC
X = Columbia Gorge CC

Users can sort by campus


Credit or CEU course?
Click on the down arrow Down Arrow just below the field name to view a list of Level codes.


Course Reference Number

The 5-digit CRN for the course.

Users can sort by CRN


SubjectSubject Code

Academic Subject Code (for example, BI for Biology)

Users can sort by subject

CourseCourse Number

Course number corresponding to the Academic Subject (for example: WR 121.)

Users can sort by course number


Not used by PCC.

Users can sort by section

HoursCredit Hours EarnedMay be for credit or CEU courses.
GradeGrade Earned
A = A grade (4.0 points)
B = B grade (3.0 points)
C = C grade (2.0 points)
D = D grade (1.0 points)
F = F grade (0 points)
CIP = Incomplete (0 points)
NP = No Pass (0 points)
P = Pass (0 points)
W = Withdraw (0 points)
AUD = Audited / CIP = Course In Progress


SC = Satisfactory Completion
NC = Not Satisfactory Completion

To view a complete listing of grade codes, refer to Banner page SHAGRDE.

Click on the down arrow Down Arrow just below the field name to view a list of Grade codes.

Grading Mode

The system of grading  associated with the class.
The most common grading mode is N for normal: the A--F grading system.

If this class has been designated as one which can receive a CIP or CIPR grade, the code will be S or R respectively.


Indicates whether the student has taken the course more than once.
Possible Codes are:

Blank = Not repeated
I = Included in GPA
E = Excluded from GPA
A = Exclude from earned hours but averaged into GPA

Course TitleTitle of courseUsers can sort by course title