The Banner page SHAINST allows you to view the status of a student for a given term: his or her academic standing, posted GPA, Dean's List status, and cohort information (if applicable).




  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SHAINST, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Type in the student's ID (G Number) in the ID field.  

    • If you don't know the G#, look it up by clicking on the 3 dots  next to the right of the ID field. For details about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.

  3. Press Tab on your keyboard to move to the "Term Code" field.

  4. Enter the Term Code for the term you want.

    Term Codes:

     Winter 2011=201101
     Spring 2011=201102
     Summer 2011=201103
     Fall 2011=201104
  5. Click the Go button.

    Click on the Tabs to view additional information, such as Cohort Information and GPA.


Interpreting the Results

Use the  3 dots  located just to the right of each field, to view a list of codes associated with each field: