The Banner form SHASUBJ is helpful for viewing information about a student's Academic Standing, details about their GPA (both institutional and transfer), and details about their performance within a given academic Subject area.

    1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SHASUBJ, then press "Enter" on your keyboard.

    2. Type the student's G number in the ID field.

For more information about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips

  1. In the Level field, type CR for credit student. 

  2. In the "Start with Subject" field, you can type in a subject code (for example, WR for Wriiting). This will affect what you see in the second tab (see Step 6 below). You can also leave this field blank, which we generally recommend. 

  3. Click the "Go" icon. 

    In the next screen you will see the student's Institution GPA (for classes taken at PCC), Transfer GPA (for classes taken elsewhere), and Overall GPA (for both). 

  4. Click on the second tab, "Subject GPA and Course Detail Information," to view information about the student's performance within specific subject areas.
    • Use the down-arrow to the right of the Subject field to get details about performance in a given subject (for example, Biology).
    • The screen will then show the student's GPA, earned credit hours, grades and classes taken in that subject. 

To exit SHASUBJ, press the White X icon on the toolbar at the top left of your screen.

To look up another student, click the StartOver icon.