For the Faculty Assignment (updating workload, contract type, etc) please follow this link to the Schedule Entry pages on the Intranet:

For Faculty Release Time:

Faculty Release Time for Full-Time Faculty is requested and approved by using the Faculty Release Request Form. Once release time has been approved by the Approving Manager or Dean, the second block of Banner form SIAASGN is used to record information taken from the Form. Entering this data enables Banner to track faculty release time and types.


To access the Faculy Non-Instructional Assignment section of SIAASGN:

  1. From the Welcome page type SIAASGN, then press Enter on your keyboard. 
  2. If you know the Instructor's G Number, type it in the ID field. 
    • If you do not know the G#, look it up by clicking on the sDown-Arrow just to the right of the ID field and choose "Faculty Search." For more information about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.
  3. Type in the Term you wish your release time to apply to.
    • (Note: This process must be performed one term at a time.)
  4. Click  the Next Section icon. You will see information about CRN assignments associated with this instructor for the specified term. Leave this screen as it is; no changes should be made on the first screen.
  5. Click  Next Section again to access the second block, where you will enter your Faculty Release Time details. Your curser will land in the "Type" field on the first available line.

In the Faculty Non-Instructional Assignment Section:

  1. Type in the type of faculty release you want in the "Type" field. (Refer to the upper portion of the completed Faculty Release Request Form for this step.)
    • OR, double-click in the empty Type field to view a list of release types. Scroll down the list, then double-click to select the release type you want.
  2. Once you have indicated the Release Type, a number will automatically default into the Workload field. You will need to change this value. Refer to the Faculty Release Request Form to determine what to type in this field.

    1. (Note: Workload is referred to as "Releaseload" on the Faculty Release Request Form. 
      A Releaseload of 3.4 = 34% of FT Term FTE = 0.34 Term FTE.)

  3. Refer to your Faculty Release Request form to determine what to type into the Department field.

    1. You do not have to fill in the "Weekly Contact", "College", "TOPS", or "Assignment Type" fields. The "Contract" field will be filled in automatically, based on the Employee Type on record for that instructor.

  4. The Position Number field must be populated ONLY IF your Faculty Release Request Form includes a Position Number, indicating that another employee is replacing the instructor while release time is being taken.

    1. Type in the Position Number of the employee who will be replacing the requestor, if applicable. 

  5. Click the Save button to finalize your work.

You are finished if only one release type and term has been indicated in the "Releaseload" section of your Faculty Release Request Form.


 If there is a second "Releaseload" term indicated on the Faculty Release Request Form, perform the following additional steps. 

  1. Press the Startover icon to return to the beginning of SIAASGN

  2. Press Enter (or Tab) to navigate to the Term field and type in the new term.

  3. Press  Next Section TWICE to return to the second block of SIAASGN

  4. In the first available blank line, repeat steps 6 - 9 above to indicate the release type, workload, department, and any other information indicated on your Faculty Release Request Form for the term in question.

  5. Press Save to finalize your work.

Checking Your Work 

The third screen of SIAASGN provides a way to perform a "rough check" of the Faculty Release Time information entered in the second screen.

Once you have entered all Faculty Release data in the second screen of SIAASGN as indicated above,

  1. Click Next Section to access the third screen of SIAASGN. 

  2. On the right side, verify the number indicated in the "Term FTE" field. As stated in the PCC Faculty Contract, Full Time Faculty FTE should fall between 0.9 and 1.15 per term (and 3.0 FTE for the year, over three terms), unless extenuating circumstances exist.

    1. If the Term FTE is NOT between 0.9 and 1.15, double-check the figures you entered in the second screen. Or, you may wish to verify the accuracy of the information on the Faculty Release Request Form with the Approving Manager or Dean.