Using SLARDEF to View Room Definitions

Begin by typing SLARDEF at the Direct Access prompt.


Type the building code, room code, and Term then press "Go."


If you do not know the building code or room code, double-click on the ellipsis to search.



SLARDEF Room Definition Block Field Descriptions

New TermPress Enter. This field not used for lookups.
DescriptionDescription of the room (Classrooms, Lab, Gymnasium, etc.)
CapacityFire Marshall Maximum capacity of the room
MaximumSame as above
GenderNot used by PCC
Room TypePCC uses Classroom and Other. Must be marked as "classroom" to be used on a CRN.
CollegeNot used by PCC
DepartmentNot used by PCC
StatusAs room names change or buildings are demolished, invalid room names are inactivated rather than removed. Old room numbers must be kept in the system in order to have complete class records.
CategoryPCC uses this field to designate who is responsible for updating information about this room. In order to enter a name in the field, the name must first be intered in SLABLDG.
Room Rate Not used by PCC
Phone Rate Not used by PCC
Phone Not used by PCC
Utility Rate Not used by PCC
Period Not used by PCC
PriorityThis field is required so a false entry of '99999' is shown in every room
Key Number Not used by PCC



Attributes, Inactive Date, Comments Blocks Field Descriptions

AttributesCodes which correspond to a table of features a room may have. To see the list of codes click on the 'Attributes' title button.
InactivationThis field is designed to show when a room will be unavailable for use due to construction or maintainence. Not used by PCC.
CommentsFree text field used to contain comments about the room.


Press "Start Over" if you want to search another room. 

Last Update: 2/5/2018