The Banner page SOAHOLD shows information regarding student Account Holds -- for example, a Financial Hold, Advising Hold, or Academic Probation Hold. A Hold can affect a student's ability to register for classes, receive transcripts, obtain financial aid, or petition for graduation.

Directions for both viewing and entering / updating holds are detailed below. Users must receive special Banner access in order to remove a hold or enter data into SOAHOLD; refer to the bottom of this page for details.


All new students whose placement test scores place them into two or more Development Ed. classes (RD 80 or 90, WR 80 or 90, MTH 10 or 20) automatically have a "CP" (College Placement) Hold put on their account. The hold is designed to require students to meet with an advisor or similar program coordinator before registering for classes.

For a Video Demonstration of SOAHOLD, go to the Video Demos page.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SOAHOLD, then press Enter.
  2. Type in the student's G Number

A list of holds will appear if the student has had holds on their account.

Interpreting the Results

If holds appear on the student's account, check the "To:" Date field to determine whether the holds are still in effect.

  • "To:" dates in the past reflect previous holds that have been resolved and released.
  • "To:" dates in the future (for example, 31-DEC-2099) reflect holds which are still in effect.

Use the table below to interpret the effects of different hold types. For example, AR (Accounts Receivable) Holds do not prevent a student from registering, but Advising Holds do.

This hold type: 
...blocks students from these services: 
Code NameRegistrationTranscriptsGraduationCheck Cashing
AD Address Hold xx x
AF AFSA Hold xxxx
AH Advising Holdx   
AO Admissions: Orientation x   
AR A/R Hold   x 
AS Academic Standingx   
BCBad Check History   x
BS Bookstore Holdxxxx
DHDepartment Holdx   
EX Exit Interviewx   
FA Financial Aid Payback xx x
FG Col Gorge Financial Holdxxx 
FH Financial Hold xxxx
FM Financial Memo Hold xxxx
FP Pre-Payment Hold x  x
FS Small Balance Transcript x x
FT Financial Transcript  xxx
HS HS Completion Student SYx   
ISInternational Studentx   
LHLRC (Library) Hold  x x
OTOther PCC Loanxxxx
PI Possible IRMS Coursework    
PK Parking Office Hold xx  
PP Student Payment Plan xxxx
PR PST Registration Holdx   
RC Registration Conversionx   
RG Registration Holdx   
RM Returned Mail - Verify Addressxx x
SD Student Devl Dean Holdx   
SRStudent Record Hold x  
STStafford Hold   x
Entering Hold Information

In order to add or remove hold information, you must have access permission. Contact your managing supervisor to obtain permission; s/he can work with a Banner Data Custodian to request this access on your behalf.


To enter or change hold information:

  1. Click the insert button
    • Today's date, the date DEC-31-2099, and your Banner username will automatically default into the record.
  2. Enter the hold code for the desired hold.
  3. To search for a type of hold click on the ellipsis to generate a new search.
  4. Enter any additional information needed (see details about the other fields, below).
  5. Click the save button on the lower right and side to save.
Name of FieldExplanation
Hold Type down-arrow
Reason OPTIONAL. Type any additional information about the hold in this field. It is suggested that for orientation holds, nothing is entered here, but for all other holds a campus & extension should be entered for reference across the district. If more room is required to explain the hold reason, type a reference to SPACMNT, then go to SPACMNT to complete entry. 
Release Indicator OPTIONAL - NOT USUALLY RECOMMENDED. Leave the Release Indicator field blank, unless you wish to be the only employee who can release this hold. (If you want this, "check" the Release Indicator checkbox.)
Amount OPTIONAL. Type the dollar amount (if any) required to lift the hold. Do not use this field unless the hold is Financial. 
From REQUIRED. The "From" Date -- when the hold begins to take effect. This date will default to today, and may be changed as appropriate. 
To REQUIRED. The "To" date -- the Last date the hold will be effective. This date will default to DEC-31-2099, and may be changed as appropriate.
Note: Holds should be removed by the Department that placed the hold or by other authorized departments only. To remove a hold, change the To date to yesterday's date. 
Origination Code OPTIONAL. Originating department who placed the hold. Use the Down-Arrow just to the right of the field to view a list of Origination Codes.

Releasing / Removing a Hold

To release or remove a hold, change the Hold's 'To' date field to a date in the past. We generally use yesterday's date to remove a hold. Remember to press Save when you are done.

Do not Delete a hold. Banner stores Hold data to provide a history of student interactions with college personnel and to report the effectiveness of Academic Standing intervention.

Requesting Access to Release / Remove Holds

In order to add or remove hold information, you must have access permission. Contact your managing supervisor to request permission; your managing supervisor can email the request to a Banner Data Custodian on your behalf.




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