SOATEST is a Banner page that allows you to look up the Placement Test scores of students. It shows the results of tests that were taken at PCC's testing centers, including:

  • Reading, Writing, and Math Placement Tests
  • Asset Test Scores
  • Scores in Math 65 Competency, Writing 121 Challenge, and various "equivalent" test scores that reflect testing completed prior to a student's admission to PCC

Some test results will not appear in SOATEST, such as tests administered within departments and a few other Testing Center tests not tracked in Banner.

PCC uses Placement Tests to determine students’ academic skill level for appropriate course placement. Most new PCC students are required to take the Placement Test to determine their skills in reading, writing and math. Some courses require a certain minimum score as a prerequisite for taking the class.

Follow these steps, using Banner.

  1. Log into Banner.

  2.  From the Banner Main Menu, type SOATEST, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  3.  Type the student's G Number in the ID field. 

    •  If you don't know the G#, you can look it up from here

    • For this exercise, use the G Number G02002166.

  4.  Click "Go."

The student's test scores should appear. 

To look up another person, click the "Start Over."To Exit, click the X on the upper left of the screen.


What does SOATEST show?

Here's a guide to understanding some of the finer points of SOATEST: 

Test scores identified with an "X" indicate placement. In the example above, the student took the Writing Skills Compass test, earned a "36" score, and was deemed eligible for placement into Writing 121 or courses "below" Writing 121 (in this case, WR 90 and WR 115).

    • Tests that have been taken very recently may not yet appear.

    • Some test results, such as GED and interdepartmental ESL scores, will not appear.

    • Test scores will show as "EXPIRED" if they are over three calendar years old. (Exception: ESOL tests expire after one year.)