The Banner page SPACMNT allows authorized PCC employees to view and/or create comments related to a person's academic or financial records. For example, when a student Hold is added or removed, an academic advisor overrides a prerequisite restriction, or a student ID card is issued, a comment is added in SPACMNT for tracking and record-keeping purposes.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SPACMNT, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Type the person's G Number in the ID field.
    • If you do not know the G Number, look it up by clicking on the 3 dots  just to the right of the ID field. For details about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.


3. Click the Go button. (Or, just click with your mouse into any of the fields in the lower section, such as the "Comments" field.)

If any comments exist for the person you have looked up, the most recently-created comment record will appear first. Use the scroll bar on the far right of your screen (or press the down arrow on your keyboard) to navigate to any additional comments that may exist.

      4. To look up another person, click the Start Over button.

      5. To exit SPACMNT, click the exitExit icon.

Enter a New Comment

Some employees have been given additional access to create comment records in SPACMNT. To create a new Comment, follow the steps in the picture below:

  • Click into the comments field
  • Type your comment
  • Click the Save button

Make sure to Save your work when you are finished.  The "Save" button is located on the lower right of the screen.

Use the table below to interpret or enter the fields.

Comment TypeEnter the appropriate code. In most cases it will be "GEN." To see available codes, double-click inside the 'Comment Type:' box.
ConfidentialityAn 'X' in this field indicates the comment has been flagged for omission from any reports. To add or remove the indicator, click in the box.

Enter the appropriate code. (For example, ACAD for an academic department.)

To get a list of available codes, double-click inside the 'Originator:' box.

Add DateDate comment was entered. Today's date will default when making entry. This date field can be changed if necessary.
CommentsContains a brief description of the comment. If more room is needed, the 'Narrative Comments' field may be used.  Remember that this text may be viewed by any authorized Banner user and becomes part of the student's official academic record.
Narrative CommentsMay be used (but is not generally used) to provide additional information.