SSAXLST is used to cross list classes. Classes are cross listed when more than one class meets in the same room at the same time with the same instructor (sometimes there can be multiple instructors). Cross listing can also maximize enrollment for classes, however it does not guarantee that maximum enrollment will be reached. 

The instructions below show how to view information in SSAXLST. To enter data in SSAXLST, you must have Schedule Entry Banner training and access. More information about entering data in SSAXLST is available.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SSAXLST, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Type the Term Code and Cross List Group Identifier you want.

Term Codes:


Winter 2017




Spring 2017




Summer 2017




Fall 2017






      3. Press the Go button.

      4. The screen (pictured above) shows the CRN's that are cross listed, the maximum enrollment allowed for all CRN's combined, the actual enrollment and how many seats are still available. 

       5. To start over and look up a new CRN, click the Start Over button. To exit, click the icon.