This page is currently being updated.  7/31/2019

Population Selection "STUDENT_ADMIT_CODE"

The common population selection STUDENT_ADMIT_CODE allows you to build a population of all students based on a specified admit code and term.

Once your population has been specified, you can then use it to create mailing labels, transcripts, or any of the other "output" formats listed at the bottom of this page. For an overview of the population selection process, please refer to the Population Selection Overview page.


  1. From the Direct Access Prompt, type GLBDATA, then press Enter. 
  2. Click the Next Block button twice, then complete parameters as shown below. 
Parameter What to Put
01 Selection Identifier 1STUDENT_ADMIT_CODE
02 Selection Identifier 2Leave Parameters 02 – 05 blank
nless you are running a Combined Population Selection.
03 New Selection Identifier
04 Description for New Selection
05 Union/Intersect/Minus
06 Application CodeSTUDENT
07 Creator ID for Selection IDCOMMON
08 Detail Execution ReportSuggest leaving this blank
  1. After completing the parameter entries above, click the Next Block button, then click the Save button.
  2. A message will be displayed on the bottom of the screen: "Dynamic Parameters Found, please fill in the appropriate values." The cursor will return to the Parameters section above, and will rest on Parameter Number 88. New “dynamic” parameters will appear which are unique to the Population Selection you are working with. Complete the new parameters as follows.
Dynamic Parameter What to Put Options/Examples
88 admitcodeAdmit code (see choices at right) for the group desiredIA = Institutional Admit
IN = International Student Admit
PA = Program Admit
X1 = PSU Co-Admit
X2 = OSU Co-Admit
X3 = OIT Co-Admit
X4 = Concordia Co-Admit
X5 = Marylhurst Co-Admit
X6 = Linfield Co-Admit
X7 = Pacific Co-Admit
X8 = WGU Co-Admit
X9 = Western Oregon University
88 &CurrentTermResult will be all students considered "active" and "admitted" during the specified term Example: 200701 for Winter 2007
88 RegTerm Result will be all students enrolled in classes  during the specified term

(Note: most users specify the same term they used  in "Current Term" above.)

Example: 200701 for Winter 2007

5.  After the above dynamic parameters have been entered, click the Next Block button, then click the Save button. The program will conclude by displaying a message at the bottom of the screen: Look for Printout in yourname_glbdata_99999.lis

6.  Next, open Report Viewer and view your report.
(For instructions on how to view a Banner report in Report Viewer, refer to:

A summary of your population selection will be displayed, which will look something like this:  

        QUERY                DESCRIPTION                SELECTED
        STUDENT_ADMIT_CODE   Description of Report      236


If the number of people selected reads “0”, your population selection was unsuccessful. Go back to GLBDATA and re-enter your parameters, carefully following the above directions.

Once you have successfully specified your population, you are ready for Step Two. Most population selections can be “outputted” to create any or all of the following Output Formats. Click the links below to display instructions: