The Banner form SWASECQ allows you to view details about a course, including its current enrollment (how many spaces are available). You can look up a course based on CRN, subject/course, partial title, campus and a host of other factors. For example, you can see if there are any Writing 121 classes that are not full at Cascade Campus for the upcoming term. Waitlist numbers also appear.

For a Video Demonstration of SWASECQ, go to the Video Demos page.


  1. From the main Banner Menu screen, type SWASECQ, then press Enter.

2. Type the Term Code in the first field.

3. In the other fields provided in the first section, type in any other information you know about the course you want more information about. The most common additional information is the Course Title.

Term Codes:

201701 = Winter 2017

201702 = Spring 2017

201703 = Summer 2017

201704 = Fall 2017

    • If you are not sure of the complete class title. In the example above, "Guidance" would indicate any class(es) with the word "Guidance" at the beginning, middle, or end of their title(s).

    • Other ways to search include: by CRN, Subject/Course #, Attendance Method, and Campus. Type as much information as you know in the fields provided.

     4. Click on the Go icon, or F8 on your keyboard.

Use the Down-Arrow on your keyboard (or the scroll bar) to view results which fall beyond what the screen is showing.

For enrollment and waitlist information, look on the lower right side of each record to see the number of students enrolled (“actual”) and the number of spaces remaining.

      5. To start over and look up another student or term, click on the Filter Again icon.

      6. To exit, click on the bla Exit icon to return to the main Banner menu.