Enrollment and Revenue by Class

SWRCREV provides departments with a convenient method to review the total enrollment and resulting tuition and fee revenue generated by a group of classes.  The information is derived from the course and FOAP information input in SSADETL.  (Documentation on Finance Codes in SSADETL:  http://intranet/banner/student/sch/ssadetl.htm#Finance Codes

1) Type SWRCREV into the search bar, then press Enter.

2) Click into the value line for parameter number 1.

Enter the parameters according to the instructions below:

Parameter Numbers/Descriptions & Parameter Values
01: TermType one term in 200102 format.
02: Campus Code1) Leave blank if you do not wish to specify campus, or
2) Type one numeric course campus code (1 = Sylvania, 2 = Cascade, 3 = Rock Creek, 4 = OC Adult & Continuing Ed, K = OC Business & Government)

CAUTION:  If you are not using the Attendance Method or Org Code parameters, we recommend specifying a campus code to avoid selecting any contracting college's classes.

03: Attendance Method1) Leave blank if you do not wish to specify an Attendance Method, or
2) Type one Attendance Method code (List of Attendance Method Codes: http://intranet.pcc.edu/banner/student/sch/attnmeth.htm

CAUTION:  Even if you have more than one Attendance Method for the group of classes you wish to select, you may only enter one on this report.  It may be more comprehensive to use the Org Code parameter to select all your classes.

04: Organization Code1) Leave blank if you do not wish to specify an Org code, or
2) Type all or any portion of one Org code (also referred to as "rollups")

HINT - Using Rollups:  An Org code for an academic division might be F301, in which case each department within the division would have longer Org codes such as F30104. In this example, the Org code for the entire campus would be "F".  You may type the full six digit Org code to select one department, or a partial Org code to specify all departments within the division.
(Org Codes List:  http://intranet.pcc.edu/finance/systems/dworgs.htm)

05: Subject Code1) Leave blank for all subjects, or
2) Type one Subject Code (Example: WR = Writing,  ENG = English, MTH = Math...)

HINT:  Specify a Subject Code for this parameter only if you have not made any entries in the Attendance Method or Org code parameters, or if you wish to limit the report to classes with just that one Subject Code. (If you have already specified an Attendance Method or Org Code, the Course Subjects belonging to that Attendance Method or Org are already explicit to the selection.)

06: Fund Code1) Leave blank for all fund codes, or
2) Type one 4-digit fund number to limit the report to classes with that fund code 
07: Program Code1) Leave blank for all program codes, or
2) Type one 2-digit program code
08:Sort CodeType one of these codes to control the sort order of the listing:
O = Org Code, A = Attendance Method, S = Subject, P = Program Code

Term Codes Syntax:

Winter 2001=200101
Spring 2001=


Summer 2001=200103
Fall 2001=200104

  • When you are finished completing the above parameters, check the "Save Parameter Set as" box (you don't have to name your parmeter set).

  • Click the icon.

    (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

  • Open Report Viewer and view your report