SWRCRSD - Course Enrollment & CRNs Based On Time of Day Offered

The Banner report SWRCRSD shows, for a given group of classes, each course's average enrollment and number of CRNs based on the time of day the course was offered. More than one term can be selected for purposes of comparison. This report must be downloaded into Excel in order to be viewed.

You can narrow down the results of your report further by attendance method, campus, course subject, session code, building code, or orgn. (budget) code.

Please note that in order for a class to appear on this report, it must have at least one day of the week and a beginning time assigned to it. (Classes which appear in the schedule as "TBA" will not appear on this report.)

swrcrsd report


  1. From the Banner search box, type SWRCRSD, then press Go button on the next screen
  2. Click into the get the 'Parameter Values' section
    1. Press the Down Arrow on your keyboard (or click with your mouse) to navigate to the different parameters. To navigate the pages of parameters click the right or left arrows at the bottom of the section. 
    2. If you have entered parameters before, you may just need to update the term and CRN. If you have not entered parameters before, see Other Parameter Options below. 

  3. On the right-hand side of the "Parameter Values" section (see picture above), type in the details of your desired report, starting with Parameter 01, First Term Code. Use the table below as a guide:


What To Type


01: First Term Code

(REQUIRED) Type in the term code for the term you want course information about.

Example: 201402 for Spring 2014

02: Second Term Code
03: Third Term Code
04: Fourth Term Code
(OPTIONAL) If you want to compare terms, enter additional term codes in these 3 fields. You may leave one or more of these fields blank.Examples: 201304 for Fall 2013; 201403 for Summer 2014
05: Attendance Method

Type in the Attendance Method code you wish to specify, or leave the default of % to select all Attendance Methods.

To type in more than one attendance method (but not all attendance methods), click on the Insert Record icon, type 05 in the new blank line, then type in the next attendance method code.

Example: N4 for PCC Prep Alternative Programs

06: Campus Code

Enter one of the following campus codes, or leave the default of % for all campuses.

1 = Sylvania

2 = Cascade

3 = Rock Creek

4 = SE Campus

(Note: Until Spring 2015, '4' was used to designate the 'Extended Learning Campus', which included SE Campus as well as Workforce and Community Education classes)

W = Workforce and Community Education (from Summer 2015 to the present)

5 = Contract Out of District

6 = Education Services

7 = Tillamook Bay

8 = Columbia Gorge

To enter more than one campus code, click on the Insert Record icon after entering the first code, then type the parameter line number (03), then enter the second campus code.

You cannot leave this field blank.

Example: 1 for Sylvania

07: Subject Code

Type in a subject code, or leave the default of % for all subjects. (You can also enter more than one subject code -- see the directions above in the "Campus Code" section.)

Example: MTH for all Math classes

08: Course Number

Type in a course number, or leave the default of % for all. (You can also enter more than one course number -- see the directions above in the "Campus Code" section.)

Example: 90 for Math 90 classes

09:Session CodeType in the session code, or leave the default of % for all. Examples of session codes include Dual Credit, Columbia Gorge Project Advance, and WebCT - Classroom.Example: % for all
10: Building CodeIf you want to narrow down your report results by PCC building, type in a building code, or leave the default of % for all.Example: % for all
11: Orgn. CodeType in an Orgn. (budget) code, or leave the default of % for all.Example: % for all, or B40101 for all courses associated with the CA Dean of Instruction
12: Course Level CodeType in a Level Code -- for example, CR for credit classes, NC for non-credit.Example: CR for credit classes
13: Instructional TypeType in an instructional code, or leave the default of % for all.Example: % for all
99Leave as is

Saving the Report:

  1.  Once you've updated the necessary parameters, click into the submission area. 
  2. 'Check' the checkbox "Save Parameter Set As" on the bottom left of the screen.
    1. Checking this checkbox saves what you typed in the 'Parameters' section for next time, so that every time you go into this report it will default to those values (until you change it). This way you won't have to look up the term, CRN, etc. next time you go into this Banner report.
    2. You won't always want to check this checkbox -- sometimes you'll want to save what you typed for next time, other times you won't. For this example, we ARE checking the checkbox. 
  3. Lastly, Click "Save."
    1. You will get the message "Saving Parameter Set as Default." Click OK.
    2. Did you get the message "Look for printout" on the lower left corner of your Banner screen? If you did, it means you are ready for the next steps. If you got an ERROR message instead, fix the errors and then 'Save' again. If you can't figure out what to do, "X" out of this screen and start over.