The Banner report SWRDENR shows the number of students enrolled, and the FTE generated, for each course within a department or division. It also includes total enrollment and FTE for the entire group of classes at the end of the report.

The report shows each course's title, subject/course number, CRN, start/end times, meeting times/days, location, and instructor. Enrollment details for each course includes: number enrolled, number of spaces remaining, number of students on the waitlist, and how many CRN's are being offered for that course.

Please Note: SWRDENR is an overnight report. It will appear in your Report Viewer the morning after you run it. PCC Reporting, also known as Argos, has a version of the Deans' Enrollment Report for authorized users that does not involve this waiting period.


  1.  From the Banner Main Menu, type SWRDENR, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section  icon.
    (Or, just click with your mouse in the "Parameter Values" section as shown in the picture below.)
    This will move your curser to the "Parameter Values" section.


    4. On the right side, type in your parameter values. Use the table below as a guide:


What to Type

01 Term Code
The academic Term -- for example, 201102 for Spring 2011.

(This report must be run for one term at a time.)

02 Attendance Method

Optional, but recommended -- The Attendance Method code associated with your department's classes  -- for example, N4 for PCC Prep Alternative Programs.

If you don't want to narrow your report down based on Attendance Method, use "%" for all.

You can specify more than one Attendance Method by typing in the first code, then clicking on the Insert icon. In the blank line that appears, type "02" (for parameter #2), then type in the second attendance method code.

03 Campus Code
Optional -- The course campus Code for the campus you want.

If you don't want to narrow your report down based on campus, use "%" for all. (Usually the best choice.)

1 = Sylvania

2 = Cascade

3 = Rock Creek

4 = SE Campus

(Note: Until Spring 2015, '4' was used to designate the 'Extended Learning Campus', which included SE Campus as well as Workforce and Community Education classes)

W = Workforce and Community Education (from Summer 2015 to the present)

5 = Contract Out of District

6 = Education Services

7 = Tillamook Bay

8 = Columbia Gorge


07 Subject Code
Optional -- The Subject Code (like BI for Biology classes). 

If you don't want to narrow your report down based on subject code, use "%" for all.

05 Session Code
Optional -- Some programs use Session Codes. To see a list of session codes, with your curser in the 'Values' column of the Session Code line click on the 3 dots (located just to the right).

If you don't want to narrow your report down based on Session code, use "%" for all.

06 Sort OptionThe sort order for the list of classes on your report.

3 = by campus, then location, then date.

07 Instructional Method

Enter the Instructional Method, if desired. (This is primarily for Distance Learning classes.)

New Code:


Former Session Code:


Classroom + Web



Interactive Television



Interactive Television + Web

- New -


Telecourse (no longer used)



Telecourse + Web (no longer used)





      5. When you are finished completing the above parameters, click the Next Section  icon.

      6. Click the Save button.

(For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

     7. Open Report Viewer and view your report