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SWRGRAD generates a list of students who have graduated or applied for graduation. Although this report was created for the Graduation Office, it can be used by any department to determine which students have applied for a certificate or degree. It also gives the number total of students who fit the profile you have specified in your report.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SWRGRAD, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button.

  3. Click the Next Section  icon to get to the Parameter Values section.



     4. Enter the parameter values on the right-side column. Use the table below as a guide. All parameters are required for this report.

ParameterWhat to Type

01: Bulletin Year

Enter the 4-digit year in which students will graduate, for example 2009.
02: Degree CodeEnter a valid PCC degree code or % for all
Possible valid entries include

(Multiple entries allowed for this parameter*)

03: Degree Status Code
Use the following codes:

AW = Awarded
DE = Denied
PE = Pending

To type in more than one code:

  • After typing in the first code, click the Insert icon.

  • In the blank line that appears, type 03 (for Parameter Number 03). A new line will appear, and your curser will move to the "Values" column of that line.

  • Type in the next degree status code.

04: Major Code

Enter a valid major code (1-4 characters), or % for all

Click the 3 dots icon to the right to choose from a list of major codes. Note: many of the majors on this list are no longer offered by PCC.
(Multiple entries allowed for this parameter*)

05: Ceremony Code

Enter % for all
06: Campus Code

Enter % for all (recommended) or use the following codes:

C = Student of Cascade
L = Columbia Gorge Community College
O = Student of Extended Learning Campus
R = Student of Rock Creek
S = Student of Sylvania
T = Tillamook Bay Community College

(Multiple entries allowed for this parameter)

07: Name Code
Enter D or S
  • D displays student names from the Diploma field in Banner;
  • S displays student names from SPAIDEN
  • % is NOT allowed

08: Sort Code

This parameter determines the order in which the results will display in the report. Enter a single digit:

1 = Student Name
2 = Degree/Major/Student Name
3 = Campus/Student Name
4 = Campus/Degree/Major/Student Name
5 = Degree Status/Student Name
6 = Campus/Degree Status

       5. Click the Next Section icon

       6. Click the Save button. 

       7. Open Report Viewer and view your report.

For instructions on how to view and print a Banner report from Report Viewer, refer to: Viewing/Printing a Banner Report