The SWRPRCK report provides a list of all students who did not meet all course requirements at the time of registration. The majority of these students were allowed to register because they were enrolled in one or more prerequisite courses at the time of registration, but may or may not have successfully completed these courses.

SWRPRCK shows each student's final grade(s) for the last two terms and can be used by Instructors just before the beginning of the term to determine if their students meet the prerequisites for an upcoming course.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SWRPRCK, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section  icon. (Or, just click in the area of the screen shown in the picture above.)

  4. On the right-hand side of the "Parameter Values" section (see picture above), type in the details of your desired report, starting with Parameter 01, Term Code.

    Use the table below as a guide for what to type in each field. The report may be run for one subject code and one term only.


What To Type


Parameter 01:Term Code

(REQUIRED) Type in the term code for the upcoming term.

Example: 201502 for Spring 2015

Parameter 02: Subject Code

(REQUIRED) Type in one subject code

Do not use "%" -- it will not work.

Example: MTH for all Math classes

Parameter 03: Course Number

(OPTIONAL) Type in one course number, or leave blank.

Do not use "%" -- it will not work.

Example: 90 for Math 90 classes

Parameter 04: CRN

(OPTIONAL) Enter the CRN of a course, or leave blank for all

Example: 22508

Parameter 05: Campus Code

(OPTIONAL) Enter a Campus Code, or leave blank for all

Example: 1 for Sylvania


      5. When you are finished completing the above parameters, click the Next Section  icon.

      6. Click the Save button.

          (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

      7. Open Report Viewer and view your report.

The report data will be sorted by Subject Code, then CRN, then Student ID.

More Information About This Report

There are three types of students who may be permitted to register for a class with prerequisite restrictions; two of these are addressed with the SWRPRCK report:

  1. Course In Progress

    The student was enrolled in a prerequisite course at the time they registered for the course in question. (These students will be listed on the SWRPRCK report.)

    For "In-Progress" students, the courses for the past two terms will be displayed along with the grades earned. Classes that are still in progress are displayed with no grade listed. This will allow you to determine whether a student did not successfully complete any in-progress class which qualified them to meet the prerequisite at the time of registration for the current term. Two terms are displayed to handle timing issues for fall registrations that may be based on course work from the prior spring term. 


      2. Prerequisite Override

          The student was given special permission to register for the class through the Prerequisite Override Process. (These students will be listed on the SWRPRCK report.)

          Students who meet the prerequisite with an override (electronic or through Enrollment Services) display on the SWRPRCK report with the indication for access through an override. 

      3. Test or Prerequisite - These students will NOT be listed on the SWRPRCK report.)

These students have current assessment test scores meeting the requirement, or successfully completed the prerequisite courses at the time of registration.