SWRRSTR is a useful Banner report for generating a class roster (or group of rosters) that can be downloaded to Excel format, or used to perform a Mail Merge to create form letters or other mailings in Word.

For each CRN you specify, SWRRSTR lists each registered student’s name, G number, address, phone number and MyPCC email address. (It does not include students' grades, however.)


If you do not need to download your roster and want to simply view or print a roster, use the following Banner options instead:

Quick Roster View -- SFASLST
Quick Roster Print --

  1. From the Banner Main Menu page, type SWRRSTR, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button. 
  3. Click the Next Section icon.
    (Or, just click with your mouse in the "Parameter Values" section as shown in the picture below.)
    This will move your curser to the "Parameter Values" section.

  4. On the first line of the Parameter Values (see picture above) on the right side, type in the Term Code you want.

Term Codes:

Winter 2017=201701
Spring 2017=201702
Summer 2017=201703
Fall 2017=201704

      5. Press the Down Arrow on your keyboard (or click your mouse) to navigate to the second line, the CRN field.

      6. Type in the CRN (Course Reference Number) for the course you want to print a roster for as shown above.

To get more than one course roster,

    • After typing in the first CRN, click the Insert icon.
    • In the blank line that appears, type '02' for the parameter number 2, CRN. A new blank line will appear.
    • Type in the additional CRN.
    • Repeat as needed.

      7. Continue to fill in the Parameter Values fields on the right side. Use the table below as a guide. All fields are required.

Parameter What to PutOptions / Examples
01Term CodeType in the Term Code for the term you want. Use the "Term Codes" table above as a guide.Example: 201404 for Fall 2014
02CRNType in the CRN for the course you want. You can type in more than one CRN; see above for information about indicating more than one roster.

Example: 42114



Type D if you want a download-friendly version of this report (recommended).

Type L if you want a list.

Example: D


A = print each student's address on the report.

P = print each student's phone number on the report

B = print both the student's address and phone number on the report.

This field CANNOT be left blank.

Example: B
05Address Date

Enter today's date in the format shown at right if it does not already appear

Example: 01-JUL-2014 for July 1, 2014
06Address Type

MA (home mailing address) is recommended here.


Example: MA
07Sort Order

1 = Sort first by CRN, then last name

2 = Sort first by CRN, then Zip Code, then last name

Example: 1

      8. When you are finished completing the above parameters, click the Next Section  icon.

      9. Click the Save button.

                     (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

      10. Open Report Viewer and view your report.

             Two files are created for this report (if you typed "D" in Parameter 03 -- see table above). The file name that ends with .dat is the report you will need for downloading. (The report with ".lis" at the end of the file name will only show the parameter values you have entered.)

             To download the .dat version of the report, click on the "D" like this:

swrrstr download

            Go through the Downloading Process to save and convert your report into Excel format. 

            (When you open the file in Excel, choose "tab delimited" and indicate "comma" as the delimiting character.)