If you know the person's Name

In this case their name is D$%##a S^@#@@n.

You can also look up a person's G Number by name in SPAIDEN.

First, make sure the ID field is blank. If it isn't, remove the old ID by using the BackSpace or Delete key on your keyboard.  Then push the tab key on your keyboard.  This will open up a name field where you can type in the exact name of the person.  

Then, type in the person's name in this format: Last Name, First Name.  

Next, press enter.  You will get this screen:

I happen to know the town this person lives in and can use that to narrow the search.

Here I have entered their city and will press the search icon.

This will reduce the search to those who only live in that city.

Press the button that says, "Press To See Results."

Click the OK button.  

It will take you back to the SPAIDEN search screen.

Press "Go," and it will take you to this person's SPAIDEN screen.




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    The pictures on this page is broken. It looks like it's a link instead of an uploaded image.

  2. Thank you!

    I fixed this!