Banner will be down for an upgrade starting at 6:00 pm on Friday August 31 through Saturday September 1, 2018. 

We are very happy to report this upgrade will bring improvements to name searching and new fields to enter gender and preferred pronoun:

Searching: Basic Filter

  • Search pages default to Basic Filter mode with the options below
  • From any person name search page (for example SOAIDEN, POIIDEN, or GUIALTI) the most common search fields are displayed when you enter the page - you no longer have to select them. 

  • There are optional additional search fields you can select such as prefix, suffix, date of birth, name type, and change indicator.  

  • All fields, including date of birth, allow wildcard %

  • Note - when entering a date of birth the format Banner uses is MM/DD which means to search for May 6 enter 06/05%

Searching: Advanced Filter

  • You can switch to Advanced Filter to introduce search operators such as "starts with" and "contains" 

  • Advanced Filter mode works with wildcard % but some operators such as "contains" do not require wildcard

New Identity Fields

  • Person record pages such as PPAIDEN and SPAIDEN have new fields on the "Biographical" tab
  • These new fields will be implemented for use in the coming months.  More info to come.
  • New fields are Legal Sex, Gender Designation and Personal Pronoun

  • These selections are available in the new Gender Designation field


  • These selections are available in the new Personal pronoun field