TWACONF provides a way for the college to collect and track student Release of Confidentiality information. With TWACONF, Banner-users can determine whether a given student has given consent to release academic confidentiality information to specific individuals, such as the students' parent or guardian, using the Consent to Release Confidential Information Form [pdf].

Under FERPA regulations, all information contained in college records which is personally identifiable to any student must be kept confidential and not released except upon prior written consent. A student must give written permission for another individual to be granted any or all academic information by filling out a Consent to Release Confidential Information Form. Release of confidentiality can be specified to apply only to Degree Status information, for example, or to all academic information. TWACONF is used to record and verify release information collected on the form.

Unless otherwise specified, confidentiality releases are good for one academic year. TWACONF includes an "Expire Term" field in order to track this annual deadline. Before the Expire Term ends, another Consent to Release Confidential Information Form must be completed in order for the consent to remain in effect.


From the Banner Main Menu page, type TWACONF, then press Go

When you first enter TWACONF, the following screen may appear:

If this occurs, press the exit Exit icon to exit this screen and open TWACONF.

      2. Type in the student's ID Number (G #).

    • If you do not know the G Number, look it up by clicking on the ellipses ...  just to the right of the ID field. For details about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.

The results will indicate:
Authorized Parties
Specific records to be disclosed
Purpose of disclosure
Originator Code
Activity Date and Activity User

Not all Release of Confidentiality Information will appear in TWACONF. A student may have completed the Consent to Release Confidential Information Form, yet it may not have been recorded in TWACONF.

Advance Access is required from the Student Information Systems Manager in order to enter consent to release information into TWACONF

Data entered into TWACONF is taken from the Consent to Release Confidential Information Form [pdf].

  1. Follow Steps above to navigate to a student's TWACONF record.

  2. If no record (with name, address, etc.) appears, enter your information as specified on the Consent to Release Confidential Information Form.

  3. If a preexisting record appears and you want to add an additional record, navigate to the first blank record by clicking on the Insert button. 

  4. Enter the Name, Relationship, Address, Phone, and Restrictions of the first individual who has been granted consent.

  5. Enter the Expire Term to indicate the last term in which the release shall apply.
    • (Release of Confidential Information must expire one year from the date of consent.)

  6. Use the "Check-boxes" in the lower section to indicate the type(s) of academic information the individual has been granted. 

  7. Type in your program's Originator Code to indicate the program (such as 'REG' for Registration or 'HSC' for High School Completion) associated with the data entry. If you do not know the Originator Code, consult with expert users in your department.

    Your Banner Login will automatically appear as the User ID to indicate the user who originally entered the data.

  8. Click on the + Insert button  to enter additional records as needed.

  9. Click Save to save your work.