The TWARINV Invoice Request Form is an easy way to view and/or print an account balance for a specific term.  More detailed account information can be found in TSAAREV, which can also be accessed from within TWARINV.

  1. Begin by typing TWARINV at the Direct Access prompt, then press Go.
  2. The TOADEST form will display initially.  To print your invoice to a specific network printer, enter the name of the printer in the "Invoice" field, and click on the X Exit button to leave TOADEST.  If you do not need to print,  just click on the X Exit button . After a moment, TWARINV will be displayed.
  3. Enter in the term (in 200201 format) and the SSN for the student you wish to view the Term Charges for.
  4. Term charges, payments and balance will be displayed.
  5. To Print the invoice, Click on TOOLS and select Print Invoice.   If you have entered the name of a network printer in TOADEST, the invoice will be printed there. 
  6. To view more details, go the Related and select Account Review (TSAAREV).