Updating an Employee's Address, Phone Number 

(Home Address or Alumni Address) See directions below.

Important Item of Note
  • Do not change an existing address record, unless it is a Campus Address. Do not delete an existing address record. Instead, follow the directions in the section below to add a new address and inactivate the old address.

    1. On the Address Tab, scroll down (or use the "down" arrow on your keyboard) until you find the person's most current Mailing (MA) address. 

      • The most current mailing address will have "MA" for the Address Type and no date in the "To Date" field. (The "Inactivate Address" checkbox will also be unchecked.)

    1. Before adding a new address, Inactivate the old address: type a date into the "To Date" field, indicating when the old address will no longer be effective (like a move-out date). 
      • Leave the "Inactive" box unchecked. It is no longer used at PCC.
    2. Next, click the Insert Record icon to start creating a new address record.
    3. Type MA into the "Type" field (Mailing Address).  Press Tab on your keyboard.
    4. Type the person's new mailing address in the "Address" field. You can skip the City, State/Province, and County and go directly to the "Zip Code" field.
    5. Type the person's Zip Code in the "ZIP or Postal Code" field and Press Tab.  The City, State, and County will fill in automatically.
    6. Skip the "Nation" field.  It is not needed.
    7. Enter a date in the "From Date" field indicating when this new address will become effective (like a move-in date). 
      • Because the "From Date" field defaults to the current date, you may need to change this date so that it is one day after the "To Date" date on the old address. 
      • The "To Date" date on the old address cannot be the same as the "From Date" date on the new address. Also do not leave any date gaps between the "To Date" of the new address and the "From Date" of the old address, because Banner will not have a current address during that time gap. Make these two dates ONE DAY apart.
  • REMEMBER!  Leave the Inactive box UNCHECKED.
  1. Double click on the "Source" field and choose the method by which you received this address change.  For example, "In Person Update" or "Phone Call Update."
  2. Type a new phone number in the "Phone" field. If the person's phone number is the same as it was before, type it in anyway. Include the area code, without hyphens.
  3. Use the Down Arrow on your keyboard to see if an Alumni (AL) address exists for this employee.  If there is an AL address, then update it the same way you did the Mailing (MA) address; however, type AL for the address type instead of MA. 
  4. Click the Save  button in the lower right of the screen..

Address Changes

Banner-users with the appropriate Banner access can make changes to address records that fall within the scope of their department's day-to-day operations. Use the table below as a guide:

If the Person Record is ...


an Employee 
(or employment applicant other than a student employee)

Appropriate department staff person with access can make address changes using SPAIDEN or PPAIDEN, or Human Resources can make the change.
To update a Campus Address, the above Banner forms can be used and the old address / phone can be typed over. (This only applies to the Campus address).

Student (but not a "Regular" Employee)

A student can update address and/or phone number information at the MyPCC website.

Student Employee or StudentApplicant

Non-Active Student

A student can update address and/or phone number information at the MyPCC website.

Financial Aid Applicant, and not any of the above

Financial Aid, Student Records, Registration, or Admissions can make the change.

Vendor, and not an Employee or Student

PCC Purchasing makes the change.

Getting Started

To make any type of change, here's how to get started:

  1. Type the form name (i.e. SPAIDEN) in the Main Menu prompt, then press Enter.
  1. In the ID field, type the G Number for the person record you wish to update.

If you don't know the G#, you can look it it up clicking on the 3 dots  just to the right of the ID field. For more search help and options, go to: 3 Ways to Look up a G Number.

  1. Click the Go button to move to the "Current Information" section.

Click on the various tabs to access the "Address", "Biographical", and other sections.

Changing an Address Record

Campus (CA) address records can be typed over. Only one campus address record is stored in Banner. Type over the old campus address, then press Save button.

For Mailing (MA) addresses, you must first create a new address record and then "inactivate" the old address record.

When changing a home address, Do not delete or change an existing address record. All previous addresses are stored in Banner for tracking and auditing purposes. ADD the new address by inserting a new record; do not remove or change the old address record.

Part 1: Inactivate the Old Address

  • Click on the "Address" tab.
  • Use the scroll bar to the right, or the Down Arrow on your keyboard, to navigate to the address you wish to inactivate.
  • Locate the current, active address for the Address Type you wish to work with. For example, if you are going to add a new home address record ("mailing address" in Banner), locate the current "MA" (Mailing Address) record. You can tell it is the current record for that address type if the "To Date" field is blank.
  • In the record you wish to inactivate, type a date in the "To Date" field -- the last date you want this address to be on record as the "active", current address for this person.
    • If the NEW address you will be adding shortly will be effective today, type in a To Date date here that is prior to today's date.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not 'check' the "Inactivate Address" checkbox. It is no longer used.
  • Press Save button.

Part 2: Add the New Address

  • With your cursor resting in any Address Tab field, click the Next Section  icon.
  • Type in the Address Type (for example "MA" for mailing address) for the record you are adding. (Use the Search arrow to the right of the field for a list of address types.)
  • Type in the new address. Refer to PCC's Data Entry Standards for details on punctuation, street abbreviations, etc. in addresses.
  • For the phone number, select a Telephone Type and enter the phone number, including area code, that corresponds to the new address.
  • The "Date From" will default to today's date. Change it if needed. Leave the "Date To" field blank.
  • Press Save button.