The upload process allows users to import a group of G Numbers into Banner into a common population selection. The popsel can then be used to run create mailing labels, student schedules, transcripts and more. This process involves five main steps, which are detailed below. The first three are the same no matter which "output" options you want.  When the process is complete, you will be able to see your popsel loaded in GLAEXTR.


 What you will need

A .txt file with the student ID numbers scrubbed clean of any headers or extra lines

The banner upload link is here.

Access to Banner to run GWRPOPR to upload the popsel and GLAEXTR to view the popsel

Step-by-step guide:

 Step 1 - Prepare the data

1.   Create a .txt file that shows only a row of G Numbers. It should look like this with no commas no other information and no cells:

To create a "Text" file like the one above from a previously-created Excel spreadsheet, first remove ALL information except the G Numbers and then save it as a Text (Tab Delimited, .txt) file:

2. Name your file gwrpopr.txt  (or whatever you please). For consistency, use all lower case.

3. If you get warning messages when saving ("Are you sure you want to save it as a .txt file?"), just say Yes.

 Step 2 - Upload the data

Go to:

Click on "Browse", find and select the .txt. file named "gwrpopr.txt" that you created in Step 1, and click the "Submit" button.

 Step 3 - Run the GWRPOPR report
  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GWRPOPR, then press GO
  2. Click in the Values field next to parameter 01 and enter your file name (name.txt) 
  3. ^page down to get to the Submission block and Save (F10)

 Step 4 - View the popsel (GLAEXTR)

Go to GLAEXTR to view the output file.

Application: Type General

Selection ID: Search for your popsel using the drop down menu. Query GWRPOPR% and double click

Creator ID: Common

User ID: Defaults to your user name unless you are using a popsel created by someone else.

VERIFY that the correct list has been uploaded by checking number of accounts and checking some of the names.

 Step 5 - Run the desired process or report

Once you have successfully specified your population, you are ready to create reports based on the population you created above. Most population selections can be “outputted” to create any or all of the following reports. Click on the links below for instructions:

Run the process or report using the popsel. Delete the popsel when complete.

Student ID = MANUAL

Population Selection ID = GWRPOPR_POPSEL

Population Application Code = GENERAL

Population Creator ID = COMMON

 Click to see sample parameter set