Uploading G Numbers into Banner to Create a Student List

With the uploading process, Banner-users can import a group of G Numbers into Banner and create an Excel-friendly list of student names, addresses, phone numbers, majors at time of enrollment, and demographic information based on the G Numbers you have uploaded into Banner. Here's how:

Steps 1 -- 3: Prepare the Data, Upload the Data, and Run the GWRPOPR report

Complete directions for Steps 1--3 are located on the main Banner Uploading Help Page.

Step 4: Create Detailed Student List

Once you have performed Steps 1--3, you can run the detailed student list (GWRPLST) which specifies the addresses, phone numbers, majors at time of enrollment, and demographic information of the students whose G Numbers you have uploaded. This report can also be moved into Excel format.

Banner Combined Population Selection -- GWRPLST (Demographic List)

GWRPLST creates a list of students, along with details about each student, from a Population Selection you have previously created. A download-friendly version of the report is also created. The report includes names, G numbers, addresses, phone numbers, majors at time of enrollment, and demographic information.

Please note that the major codes listed on the GWRPLST report indicate the declared major at time of enrollment, not necessarily the student's current major.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GWRPLST, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button and then Next Section  icon to get to the "Parameter Values" block.

  3. On the right side of the Parameter Values section, complete the parameter values as shown: 


What to Type

01: Population Application Code


02: Population Selection ID


03: Population Creator ID


04: Address Effective Date

Today's date, which should appear automatically.

If today's date does not appear, use the keystroke shortcut T + Enter key.

Example: 05-DEC-2011 (for December 5, 2011)

05: Address Type

(Leave the default of 1MA here)

06: Delete This Population?

Leave default of N

07: Sort Code

To sort by Name, type 1

To sort by Zip Code, then Name, type 2

08: Term Code

Type the Term Code for the Term You want:

201101 for Winter 2011
201102 for Spring 2011
201103 for Summer 2011
201104 for Fall 2011

09: Email SelectionP = MyPCC email address
S = Student's personal email address, if on file

  1. When you have finished entering the parameter values above, click the Next Section  icon. 

  2. Click the Save button on the bottom right of your screen.

You will see a message at the bottom left of the screen: Look for Printout in yourname_gwrplst_99999.lis.

  1. Open Report Viewer to view and/or print your report.

Two files are created for this report:

  1. The file name that ends with .lis is a viewable report. 

  2. The file name that ends with .txt contains the same information in download-friendly format. 

To download the .txt report, click on the blue button that looks like this:

Go through the downloading process to save and convert your report into Excel format. Choose "tab delimited" and indicate "^" (carat symbol) as the delimiting character.

For more information on how to download reports, refer to: Downloading from Banner into Excel or Word.

Draft updated.  5/2019