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PCC Clear Clinic

About the CLEAR Clinic

Welcome to the PCC CLEAR (Community Legal & Educational Access & Referral) Clinic! The CLEAR Clinic is a legal clinic at PCC Cascade in North Portland, providing the following free legal services to people in the Portland metro area:

  • Criminal record and eviction expungements
  • DACA renewals
  • Housing and immigration court navigation
  • Legal name and gender-marker changes
  • Other legal advice and referrals for legal services, PCC resources, and community-based resources

The CLEAR Clinic aims to help all our community members reduce barriers to employment, housing, and education. We are dedicated to increasing access to justice, education, and career training, and to addressing the lasting impact of disproportionate law enforcement on people of color and low-income communities.


It is hard to know what an employer can and cannot ask you in a back ground search. Some times life happens and we need help making a fresh start.  Everyone has the right to happiness and satisfying work.  Keep up your spirits and keep on truckin. Here are some resources I urge you to do a self investigation prior to your work search so you are not caught off guard and you have time to prepare for the job search and interviewing. In Oregon HB 2036 protects job seekers from unnecessary credit checks. More information is listed below.

While it is never fun to have your past rear its ugly head when you are meeting an employer - prepare yourself as it will come up. take the time to develop a personal and professional portfolio. The personal portfolio can include aspect of your professional portfolio (transcripts, scholarship awards, work samples) but will also need to have letters of support. These letters should address where you are at now in your community, school or work engagement and how you are contributing to society. Your Disclosure Letter should honestly address your convictions and history and provide an explanation from the heart. You need to address how you are different now, in behavior, thinking, activities/lifestyle and where you not only have been but, where you are going. Here are some web links to help you write this letter. Just a reminder I am here as your employment specialist to help you write and proofread this document. The bottom line the employer who is considering hiring you needs to see how the dots connected and feel like your past is really in the past.



The Soft Skills Builder put together an article for speaking to your supervisor about your past criminal involvement. provides useful job search information for individuals with criminal histories. I agree with their suggestions.  The legal help resources sadly are geared for Minnesota residents. So please refer to the ones I listed below.


Job seekers are entitled to one free credit check per year.  or 877-322-8228

Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105283
Atlanta, GA 30348-5283

You will need to provide:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN
  • Current address and previous address if you have not lived there for 2 years

HB 2036

Effective July 1, 2010 a new Oregon law limits how an employer may use an employee’s credit history. The new law prohibits discrimination against employees with bad credit history. The law applies to any employment action including hiring, promotion, demotion, termination, retaliation, etc.

Under federal regulations, an employer can consider a worker’s credit history when making hiring decisions for positions of responsibility, usually assumed to mean for management positions. The assumption is that someone with a poor credit history displays bad judgment in his or her personal life, and would not be any better at handling the employer’s money. An Oregon employer can still check credit history if it is directly related to the employee’s job, and if the employer discloses in writing that they will be checking the history and how that information will be used. The burden of proof rests with the employer meaning the employer should have a signed release from each applicant or employee before checking credit history. However, opponents of this policy have long argued that usage of credit reports in selection results in de facto discrimination because African Americans and other minority applicants are statistically more likely to have poor credit history. The new law does permit an employer to consider information that is “substantially job-related” in selecting employees. This includes an employee who will have access to financial information beyond what is required for a retail transaction, and for occupations where credit history is required for bond or insurance purposes. Banks are excluded from this law, as are most agencies that hire law enforcement officers who will handle criminal cases.

Employees who think they are the victim of credit history discrimination can sue the employer (and recover attorney’s fees if they win, plus damages and penalties) or file a complaint with BOLI.



From the addictions counseling program chair:

Students who are currently involved in the justice system on probation or parole may have a difficult time finding a practicum site. We recommend you get a full/accurate report of your history. If you have concerns about your background, you can look into getting a fitness determination 

You can find more information at and

Here is a list of more specific conviction information. Found here

Oregon State Police SP  - Criminal History Check

  • DHS Criminal History Check Unit - 503-378-5470
  • Governor's Advocacy Office - 1-800-442-5238

Low cost fingerprinting resource $15.00 (as of 1/2019)  let the clerk know it is for an FBI  check 

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Public Safety Training Center
12700 SE 82nd Ave. 
Clackamas, OR  97015

HB 2442 Information -

HB 2442 has been ‘fixed’.  The new bill HB 2650 exempts most addiction counselors and mental health workers from most of the provisions of HB 2442.  The exclusions are limited to aggravated murder, murder, rape in the  first degree, sodomy in the first degree, unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree, sexual abuse in the first  degree.


Notes from a PCC student in 2017 to help others:

  1. Get your "official" fingerprints taken.     
  2. Fill out the FBI background.pdf form -
  3. Fill out CC payment form (
  4. Send the fingerprints, the form & CC payment to:

                 FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request
                 000 Custer Hollow Road
                 Clarksburg, WV 26306 

5. Wait...this takes awhile so do it ASAP!






  • Exodus Transitional Community: Contact Exodus via email OR (917) 492-0990 

  • OSBORNE ASSOCIATION: To learn more about the Career Center, please contact Starsky Rivas at (718) 707-2617 or or Ms. Sanja P. Jones at (929) 239-5906 or

  • FORTUNE SOCIETY: 212.691.7554, 29-76 Northern Blvd., Long Island City, NY 11101. Hours: Monday- Thursday: 8am-8pm, Friday: 8am-5pm 


click here for  - Presentation from ROAR Alliance on DHS Background Check Process


The Employment Department also has individualized services, job placement assistance, resume writing and support groups.  You will need to complete the welcome process at any WorkSource Center first before contacting the sites listed below for tailored services.

  • Click for link to Worksource Oregon sites
  • Multnomah County Worksource Southeast 7916 SE Foster Rd. # 104 Portland, OR
  • Click  link to SE Works -
  • Washington County Worksource  Beaverton-Hillsboro 241 SW Edgeway Dr. Beaverton, OR (housed at the PCC - Willow Creek Center)

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