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What is Spaces?

Spaces is a collaborative tool that makes it easier to keep your department’s internal information current, accurate, and dynamic. Your Space can be a growing repository of knowledge that evolves with your department. Spaces’ has permission levels. You can restrict page viewing and editing of pages to yourself or certain members of your Space.  Spaces is online (and not on the PCC Intranet) so users can access it from anywhere at any time.  Spaces is the new PCC Wiki! 

TSS Customer Support offers training on Spaces.  You can get training at one of our schedule trainings, OTS, or departmental, or workgroup training for using our wiki.

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Max Macias


What is a wiki?


What's new in in the Spaces upgrade?

*Please note--not all of these changes are activated.

Getting Started With Your Wiki

Need help getting started with editing and building your Wiki site? Here is some documentation:

Quickstart Guide for Spaces

Working with your Wiki for Editors

News and Issues

Some Ideas about Wiki Usage

This space was created to show you what a page looks like. It is a "Public" space, so that you don't have to log in to see it, and it is available to anyone on the Internet. Most of the spaces on this site are private. You will need to log in to see them.


Spaces was set up to help facilitate collaboration between the faculty and staff at Portland Community College. Once a space is set up, many individuals can work together to modify and update the content.

If you are a PCC staff member and you think can help you or your department with documentation needs, please contact Max Macias to learn more.




Working with your Wiki for Editors

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  1. Max Macias - I really like the Confluence "new features" video. Learned a few new tricks. And yes, I too have gotten used to not having the markup editor and am pretty impressed with this release in general. I'd still like to see a way to add captions to illustrations without resorting to a table. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Max.

  2. Even better things are coming with the upcoming upgrade!




  3. Is there any way to make a space that is more interactive? For example, I would love to have a forum or "wall" where people can type in comments and add them to the page.


    Yes, I know you can just hit "Edit" and manually add whatever you want to the page, but it's sort of unclear whether some people want you messing with their page or not, and people may worry that they are "graffiti"ing your page. It would be nice to have the option of a design that specifically invites input. Moreover, if the page design is complicated, making people edit it manually can be intimidating. It would be nice to have a way to add content in "User Mode" without making people enter "Programmer Mode."


    And yes, I know you could just add Comments to the page, but comments are ancillary content that feels much less important than the actual page itself. People may be less likely to read or even notice them, and this may cause people to be less likely to even post them.


    I can see lots of ways to use Spaces to provide information, but I am having more difficulty using it as a method to communicate between people. I think there are ways to use a space to display recent statuses/blog posts, but I would like something where the scope is limited to just that page, so you have the option of posting messages that are only visible to people who can see that page. I think it could come in handy for some departments to have a "Department Discussion Board," boards for more specific topics, or other similar items.

    1. I hear you Jacob.

      I don't think Spaces the correct platform for what you want to do.

      I'm sure you could figure something out–I mean make it work the way you want and are asking about, but you will have to figure it out.  

      We don't have access to a good discussion board in Spaces.  

      You could always create a twitter account and embed the posts to your spaces page.


      Only let certain people follow you, and only those people can see your stream.


      Does that sound like it would work for you?




      1. Those are good ideas. It might be better for me to discuss them with my department. Maybe Spaces wasn't the right approach, but I can't help but think that there are some situations where PCC could use some sort of system like that.


        Thanks for your response.

        1. Thanks for your engagement Jacob!

    2. Jacob,

      Adding a "News" feed to a page may achieve what you're looking for. I've experimented with these on the Completion Investment Council space I administer. The news feed allows for a free-form discussion and response as a sidebar to a Space or a page. Spaces even offers a "feed builder" that will let you add the discussion to your favorite RSS application via drag-and-drop.

      The news feeds/discussions can have multiple topics. But I haven't had a chance to find out if a news discussion can be associated to a specific page or section in a Space or whether it spans the entire Space. 

      One other thing. Not all participants in a Space will have the ability to edit the original page. I think the philosophy is to use the comments section to suggest changes and revisions and have the page authors incorporate them in the page as needed. Viewers can subscribe to a Space and get notifications of updates and changes via email.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Thanks RIc-once again-you are a fountain source of information and knowledge.

  4. I just started experiencing a weird problem with Spaces. When I try to like something, I see this:



    Then if I reload the page, it turns out the like didn't "take."


    I have tried three different browsers on two operating systems, and the result was the same. It also doesn't seem to matter which page I try to like.

    1. Thanks Jacob!

      I will report this. We are getting an upgrade soon--hopefully it will fix this.

      1. FWIW, I tried to like this. (smile)