Healthcare Oregon Pathways to Employment (HOPE)

The Healthcare Oregon Pathways to Employment or HOPE Grant is designed to prepare 875 unemployed, dislocated or incumbent workers in Oregon to get into middle-skill healthcare jobs.  The grant provides funding and support for workers who need occupational and/or skills training, to complete a short-term training at one of 7 community colleges in the state.  Occupations that we are targeting include CNA 1, CNA 2, Certified Medical Assistant, Dental Assistants, Clinical Lab Assistants, EMTs, Medical Customer Service, Phlebotomy, and RNs.  Awardees are also connected to a Career Specialist who helps them to develop a training plan, meet educational and employment goals and address barriers to success. 

The HOPE Grant also offers two unique approaches to training specific populations of workers.  The first is a specialized training for Non-Native English speakers seeking their CNA license.  These trainings provide English language support in conjunction with the nursing assistant curriculum.  The other specialized training is called a Bridge to Healthcare.  This training helps job seekers improve their basic skills in math, science, reading and writing in preparation for a Career and Technical Training.  These basic skills are taught in a contextualized Healthcare learning environment. 

Statewide HOPE Consortium

HOPE Grant at PCC