PCC uses Google Apps for communication and collaboration. This suite of cloud-based productivity tools includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Groups, Sites and more.

Help with Google Apps

EmailReceiving Email, Sending Mail, Attachments
Drive Drive "Getting Started" Handout Cheat Sheet
SitesSites "Getting Started" Handout Groups
FormsForms"Getting Started" Video
Groups Groups "Getting Started" Handout  Set up a Group to Function as Dept. Email

Email Lists

PCC now uses Google Groups to manage most of its college email lists.

Google Training The IT Training Team offers customized Google training for your workgroup, department or division.Blog Topics: GoogleCheck out our archive of blog entries pertaining to Google features and applicationsSpam at PCCLogin with your MyPCC username and password to access information about Spam at PCC.

Google Release CalendarGet the latest updates about Google's schedule of changes to Google Apps.Google Apps Status BoardShows the current status of Google Apps services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to personal Google accounts as well as services for organizations using Google Apps.


  1. Anonymous

    I don't understand how to connect my pcc email to my Gmail

  2. Do you mean with your phone?

    Thank you.

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