Please note that IT transferred network storage to Google File Stream and is in mid process. As of 7/2018, F drive storage has been added to Google File Stream. Users can continue to access their departmental network "H" drive according to the instructions below.

For the purposes of information security, PCC employees are advised to use Network File Storage (F and H drives) to save their important computer documents, especially those that include personally identifiable information. This is a far more secure practice than saving these documents to your computer's C drive or a portable device such as a thumb or flash drive, which can get lost, stolen, or corrupted.

You can access your F and H drive files from your PCC computer or from off-campus using Network File Access [intranet], available on MyPCC.

  • H Drive = Your Department or Division Files and Folders
    (Some departments do not use the H drive.)
Your AD (Active Directory) Account

All PCC employees, including new employees, will automatically have access to the F and H drives through their Active Directory (AD) account access. Effective 12/8/16, your Active Directory username / password is the same as your MyPCC username / password.

For questions regarding your account and/or access, contact the Help Desk at 971.722.4400.

Access H Drives from On-campus

For PC/Dell - PCC Windows computers have a desktop icon labeled "Connect or disconnect H drive." This is your link to Active Directory (AD) and your shared drives. If you are not already logged in, double-clicking this icon will result in a login prompt, and you can log in with your MyPCC username / password (effective 12/8/16).

For Mac - Click on Finder > Go (top menu bar) > Connect to Server (drop down menu) > enter your username and password and connect > Select Home or Department Files. If you are asked to specify server details, select Connect to Server and type in the URL smb:// 

Contact the Computer Help Desk at 971.722.4400 if you need assistance.

Access H Drives from OFF Campus or using a Wireless connection

You can access your H drive files from off campus using Network File Access, available on the "Employee" tab of MyPCC.

PCC Information Security Policies and Standards

By accessing the online resources available to PCC employees, you agree to abide by the following:
Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Information Classification Standard

Employee Remote Access Standard [intranet]

Information Security Policies and Standards 

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