Alert: these courses have all been deactivated sometime prior to academic year 2020/21.

The PCC mathematics departments offer three courses that are more about technology that assists with learning mathematics than they are about math itself. These courses are each one credit, offered at the pre-college level. Each is offered on either a pass/no-pass basis, or as a course you may audit.

MTH 76: Introduction to GeoGebra (1 credit; Pass/No-pass or Audit; Online)

GeoGebra is free, open-source software that is useful for plotting curves; exploring geometry; computing algebra, calculus, and statistics; and much more.

The course walks you through installation of GeoGebra on a work or home computer or tablet. By the end of the course, students can use GeoGebra in a similar capacity as a graphing calculator: as a computer algebra system to perform algebraic operations and to graph functions and equations. Also students can use GeoGebra to create mathematical images for use in other documents, such as: exams, presentations and written assignments.

This course is offered 100% online.

MTH 84: Introduction to LaTeX (1 credit; Pass/No-pass or Audit; Online)

LaTeX is free, open-source software for typesetting. You can think of it as an alternative to word processing programs like MS Word. It is particularly nice for creating pdf documents that have mathematical, diagrammatic, or other technical content. Here is online gallery of LaTeX-made documents that may be of interest.

The course walks you through installation of LaTeX software components, and then teaches you the basics of how to use it. By the end of the course, students can feel comfortable using LaTeX to write up math homework assignments and similar documents.

This course is offered 100% online.

MTH 93: Intro to the TI-89 or Casio ClassPad (1 credit; Pass/No-pass or Audit; Classroom)

The TI-89 and Casio ClassPad calculators are endorsed by PCC's math departments for use in most of the math courses we offer. This class is intended to make students more comfortable and familiar with these devices for use in regular math courses.

This course is offered as "face to face" course, meaning that it takes place in a classroom at a scheduled time.

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  1. All three of these courses have been inactivated.