Current Reference Points

University of Lethbridge hosts HTML for APEX Calculus in a few different editions.

For print copies of APEX, visit

Active Calculus has current versions (HTML, print) at

Old Information

In June 2016, PCC was awarded a grant from the Oregon HECC to convert two popular open textbooks for calculus, APEX Calculus and Active Calculus, to the MathBook XML format. PCC is providing significant matching funds. We expect to complete this conversion (with enhancements) by the end of spring 2017. In December 2016 and May 2017 we will conduct formal peer reviews from Oregon colleges and Universities.

Latest posted progress: At this time we are only posting an HTML version of APEX Calculus.

A Google Group discussion forum for development of this project is accessible with a Google account. PCC email accounts will not suffice because PCC's relationship with Google has not enabled this feature. You may need to create a personal Google/Gmail account.

The repository of source files for this conversion is maintained on GitHub.

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