If you maintain a WebEasy page, you can display math content there. As a demonstration, probably there is at least some math content up at this page.

As a reminder, a WebEasy page is where you might have a personal home page for yourself as a PCC instructor. When your entry appears in a contacts search, as in this image:

The "Web" link will go to your public-facing WebEasy page. You manage your WebEasy page by going to MyPCC, Employee tab, and in the "Employee tools" panel, under "Communication", you should find a "Staff websites (WebEasy)" link.

How to put math content in a WebEasy page

First, note that all math entered using this plugin uses LaTeX math syntax. So for example, a fraction is entered like \frac{1}{2}, not like 1/2. An internet search will probably answer any question you may have about LaTeX math syntax.

  1. When you are editing a page, put
    somewhere in the page.
  2. You can make "inline" math either by enclosing it in \(...\) or in [latex]...[/latex]. For example:
  3. You can make "display" math either by enclosing it in $$...$$ or is \[...\]. For example:
  4. If you only use the [latex]...[/latex] way for entry, then you do not need the [mathjax] from step 1. For technical reasons with how the page loads, it is preferable that you only use the [latex]...[/latex] way for entry. However if you need display mode math, obviously you cannot be restricted to the [latex]...[/latex] way.

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