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Part I: ORCCA Volume 1 Edition Beta

Part II: ORCCA Volume 2 Edition Beta

Part I: Order Number 23718

Part II: Order Number 23720


In July 2016, PCC's strategic planning initiative awarded funding for math faculty to produce a complete OER for precollege algebra. The book has a working title of ORCCA (Open Resources for Community College Algebra).

At PCC, these materials will cover the sequence MTH 60/65 (or its alternatives MTH 61/62/63 or MTH 70) and MTH 95. The textbook is being written using PreTeXt, which provides

  • an e-book, free to everyone
  • a print book synchronized with the e-book, available for free as an electronic pdf, or for cost plus overhead at the PCC bookstore
  • embedded online homework problems using the online homework platform WeBWorK

Work began in summer of 2016. The MTH 60 portion of the book is being piloted by 11 PCC faculty in Fall 2017.
We expect the MTH 65 portion will be piloted in Winter 2018.
And the MTH 95 portion in Spring 2018.

The content is driven by PCC's Course Content and Outcome Guides for these courses. The approach to the content will be partly informed by the authors' understanding of how this content is currently taught at PCC, and partly informed by published research on improving student success at these levels.

For Winter 2018, we are using "Edition Beta" which only has chapters 1--9. Visit its formats:

Discussion forum:!forum/orcca-precollege-algebra-textbook

Source files: GitHub repository

Pilots During the 2017/8 Academic Year

This information is now gathered at a separate Pilot page.


If you have observations to share with the writing team, you can submit them here. You may submit trivial issues like say a typo, or more weighty observations such as specific ways in which a topic could be handled better, etc.

ORCCA Feedback Form

Ordering Physical Copies

Ordering from Amazon, each copy is $12, plus shipping. Copies are paperback bound with a glossy cover. Shipping may be free with a large enough order or using an Amazon Prime account. Use the links in the table below.

If you wish to order a copy from the PCC print center, it will come three-hole punched with a single brad for binding, with a light card stock front cover page. The print center cost will be about $25, although you could specify other (more expensive) binding with your order. We recommend that if you need immediate turnaround, you can order from the print center. If you can wait an extra day or so for Amazon delivery, it is considerably less expensive and has better binding. The table below also has print center order numbers.


TitleUsed in Course/TermAmazon AddressPCC Print Center Order NumberPCC Print Center Status
ORCCA volume 1 edition alphaMTH 60 Fall 2017 23679on file
ORCCA volume 1 edition betaMTH 60 Winter 2018

ORCCA Volume 1 Edition Beta

ISBN-10: 1981788174

ISBN-13: 978-1981788170

23718on file
ORCCA volume 2 edition betaMTH 65 Winter 2018

ORCCA Volume 2 Edition Beta

ISBN-10: 1981806059

ISBN-13: 978-1981806058

23720on file
ORCCA volume 1 edition gammaMTH 60 Spring 2018 23719number reserved; no file yet
ORCCA volume 2 edition gammaMTH 65 Spring 2018 23721number reserved; no file yet
ORCCA volume 3 edition gammaMTH 95 Spring 2018 23722number reserved; no file yet
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