Welcome to the spaces pages for Disability Services. We use these areas to document the work we do. There are links and connections to our public facing pages, but most of these pages are for internal use by PCC personnel. They give us a place to record our current as well as past or future plans, and share them with the broader community of staff, faculty, and students. In addition, because these pages function as a wiki, we can all work together to make sure the content is relevant and useful.

Disability Services is working to make our processes more efficient. We are infusing technology into our practice and stretching to grow our capacity. We want to be clear though, that human interaction, person to person communication, guidance, connection, and support, remain core to our approach.

With technology comes the need to support technology users. We are aware of this, and are working to meet everyone's needs.

Please see the list of children pages on the left column and feel free to contact us with suggestions.