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Welcome to the home page for the Training Room space.
This Space has been created to train people how to use Spaces.  It provides examples and areas for practice.

Training Area

The TSS Training Team provides classroom training, video tutorials, individual consultation, resource referral, online documentation and customized training to PCC employees. We can help you acquire the computer skills needed to improve workplace efficiency.

Quickstart Guide



About this space

This Space is owned and maintained by the TSS Training Team. 

It is used for training new users how to use Spaces, as well as a container for examples of best practices and methods.


  • Use the current version of Firefox or, on a Windows computer, Internet Explorer. The wiki software doesn't work with Safari.
  • Log in.


  • New Page: For a new page, go to an existing page that will be the parent of your new page. Click "New Page" and then click the radio button for the CompWiki template and then click "Next."
  • Title: Entitle the page with a keyword.
  • Definition: Begin the entry with a definition. Keep the "toc" below the definition--it will automatically create a table of contents.
  • Picture: Add an uncopyrighted picture of less than 50K next to the definition (or Andrew and Michael will). Any image downloaded from the Internet or from purchased software is off limits. We've used primarily outdoors photographs. See below for how to insert pictures.
  • Edit: To make changes on an existing page, go to the page and click "Edit this page."
  • Headings: Head new sections of the page with a “Heading 2” formatted title. The wiki software will automatically create a table of contents using all the headings--it'll show up in the definitions box right where there's a "toc" in wavy parentheses.
  • Bullets: Use bullet points liberally.
  • Links: Link to apt YouTube videos, audio files, podcasts, Powerpoints presentations and other multi-media. One of the goals of the CompWiki is to provide other modes of learning for those who don't learn well in traditional classrooms. (A "universal design" as well as a retention issue.) See below for how to link.
  •  Labels: Provide alternate keywords for the page in the "Labels" box at the bottom of the page, so anyone searching for a similar topic will be directed to the entry (e.g., “rhetorical modes” is an entry; alternate keywords would be patterns, patterns of development, patterns of organization, modes; those terms would all lead to the “rhetorical modes” entry).
  • Font: Type everything in 12-point Arial, single spaced.
  • Type Styles: Add boldface and italics by clicking on the B or I in the ribbon above the wiki text box. Typical keyboards commands like Control-B or Command-B for boldface don't work in the wiki software.
  • Examples: Indent example sentences.

Working with the Wiki Software

  • Copy & Paste: If you copy text from an MS Word document and paste it into the wiki, it'll look fine until you save the page, and then you'll see all the extra MS Word commands that the wiki software has no use for. You'll need to go back into the edit mode and delete everything highlighted in pink.
  • Compose: If you're going to compose some text for the wiki, it's easier just to compose in the wiki than to write in Word and copy and paste and clean up the problems.
  • Commands: Most of the commands in the ribbon above the box for composing text work as in MS Word or WebEasy. Some operate a little differently:
    • To insert a picture, position the cursor where you want it, then click the "insert/edit image" icon in the ribbon > Browse > Open > Attach > OK.
    • To link to an attachment, click the chain link icon > Attachments > Browse > Open > Attach > (click on name of file) > OK.
    • To link to an existing webpage on the web, open anothert tab and go to the page and copy the URL. Then on the CompWiki page, click the chain link icon > paste the URL into the Link box > click OK.
  • Save: You should hit "Save" frequently. You won't lose your work, and you can see what the page actually looks like as you go.
  • Export: You can "export" any page of the wiki as a PDF file, which can then be photocopied or posted online elsewhere. Or you can make a PDF of the entire CompWiki. The sequence: Browse Space > Advanced > Export > PDF Export > Check All (or some) > Export > Download here.

The TSS Training Team is:

Angela McMahon: Manager

Angela McMahon

Tom Gerhardt: Trainer/Developer


Danese Jundt: Trainer/Developer


Max Macias: Trainer/Developer



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