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Shortcuts to Assessment Resources


Funds for Part-Time Faculty

Each SAC is entitled to up to 10 hours per academic year of paid compensation, at the College's special projects rate, for assessment work carried out by part-time faculty. The funds can be paid to a single person or divided between multiple people working to support their SAC's assessment efforts.

To secure compensation, SAC chairs must contact their SAC's administrative liaison with the G number of the faculty member(s) carrying out the work. SAC chairs are responsible for designating the number of hours to be compensated. 

Assessment Coaching

The PCC Learning Assessment Council (LAC) provides free year-round assessment coaching to all SACs.

LDC-DE Coaching assignments will be available in the fall. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following individuals:

    • Nichole Reding-Hoffart, Academic Support Coordinator, 971-722-4555,
    • Nora Stevens, LAC Vice-Chair 2020-2021,

CTE Coaches will be assigned in the fall.

Professional Development Opportunities