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This page is under construction as of 9/26/2017.


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Templates for Assessment Reporting


November XX, 2017: New or updated Multi-Year Plan (MYP). Assessment coaches can tell SACs if their MYP is out of date

      • Use the CTE Multi-Year Plan template. Help Guide for CTE Multi-Year Plan Help Guide (may reference 2014, but remains relevant)

June XX, 2018: Focal Assessment Findings, and Summary Data Report of non-TSA Degrees and Certificate


Submit ALL completed plans and reports to:





Assessment is an ongoing activity where SACs submit yearly reports. LDC and DE SACs have a collective responsibility to ensure students are attaining the outcomes of the transfer and general education degrees (AS, ASOT/B, AAOT, and AGS). The institutional outcomes, aka Core Outcomes, are the basis of these degrees.LDC-DE SACs are required to conduct a Traditional or All-In assessment (see above for details). Templates for a first-round Assessment or a follow-up Reassessment will be available in October.

Due Dates

November XX, 2017: Planning sections of the LAC Focal Assessment/Reassessment Reports - Sections 1 through 3X only! Focal Assessment - On the appropriate template:

The following are still in flux and may change:

      • Use the Multistate Collaborative Participation Form in lieu of the ARF or RRF if your SAC is participating in the MSC in 2017-18
      • Use the LAC Assessment Report Form for an initial assessment, or
      • Use the LAC Reassessment Report Form for a follow-up assessment.
      • Help Guide for LDC/DE Assessment & Reassessment Report Forms (created in 2014, but still relevant).

June XX, 2018: Assessment findings (Traditional) or Report on approach and process (All-In) - see above

      • For Traditional: Use the second half of the ARF or RRF (sections X through XX) submitted in November and make corrections, if any, to the planning sections (1 through XX). This may include changes in process and/or completing information that wasn't decided or available when the planning section of the report was due.
      • For All-In: (still under development)

Submit ALL completed plans and reports to:

Peer Review

At the end of each academic year, all completed assessment reports are reviewed by faculty peers. Peer reviewers are recruited by PCC's Learning Assessment Council and undergo training before being assigned to teams. Over the summer the peer reviewers look at the plans, reports, summary data (where appropriate), and other documents submitted by their assigned SACs and critique them using a standard rubric. When the feedback forms have been completed, they are saved as PDFs and made available in September to the respective SACs. Copies of the rubrics to be used for 2018 assessment reports will be posted in October 2018 in the Templates section on this page. Confidential feedback is available to SAC members in PCC's Spaces. Questions about peer review feedback? Read former-LAC-chair Wayne Hooke's "Making Sense of Your Peer Review Feedback/CTE [pdf]."