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SACs are responsible for collecting student artifacts, norming the faculty evaluators, evaluating the artifacts, and, ultimately, analyzing the results of this year's assessment. There is no SAC-level "All-In" project in 2018-19.

LDC-DE Process

LDC-DE assessment planning and reporting happens in two phases. For first-time assessments, each SAC will complete the planning portion of the Assessment template in the fall and the end-of-year report (the latter portion of the template) in the spring. When conducting a follow-up assessment (assessing for improvement), SACs will fill out the Reassessment template--with the planning portion still due in the fall and the results portion due in the spring.  


Due Dates for LDC_DE

November 26, 2018: Planning sections of the LAC Assessment/Reassessment Reports. What follows are instructions only; links to the templates are provided in the Templates and Process section.