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Templates for Assessment Reporting    (not yet available–please check back)

Assessment Process

  • 2018



    2020 CTE Expectations

  • CTE Process

    • Due Dates
  • 2018



    2020 LDC-DE Expectations

  • LDC-DE Process

    • Due Dates

Assessment Resources



The strikethrough feature denotes language that is subject to change in 2019-20.

Templates for Assessment Reporting

See Assessment Process & Due Dates for more information on which ones to complete in 20182019-20192020


  • NEW! CTE Customized Multi-Year Plan and Summary Data Report (can't find yours? Contact Susan Wilson,
  • NEW! CTE Annual Assess/Reassess Modified Template (reformatted 16-Jan-2019) for reporting the details of one of the assessments included in the SDR
  • Summer 2019 2020 Peer Reviewer's Critique Form (still under construction–check back later this year)


  • LDC-DE Assessment Plan (and Report) Form for an initial (first round) assessment
  • LDC-DE Reassessment Plan (and Report) Form when the SAC is reassessing an outcome following changes to teaching or curriculum (aka "closing the loop"). If changes have been made to the assessment tools (e.g., exams, rubrics, etc.), use the LAC Assessment Report Form as this is a new initial assessment.
  • Year 2 "All-In" Report 2018-2019 (under development) - a spring report required of LDC-DE SACs that did "All-In" last year and need to report findings of results analysis
  • Summer 2019 2020 Peer Reviewer's Critique Form (still under construction–check back later this year)

LDC-DE Help Guides


Assessment Process & Due Dates


The strikethrough feature denotes language that is subject to change in 2019-20.

2019-2020 CTE Expectations

CTE SACs will assess a portion of their degree and certificate outcomes as outlined on their newly-customized Multi-Year Plan, and report summary data for those. Then, each SAC will select one of the outcomes assessed in 2018-19 and provide a more detailed report of their process and findings on the CTE Annual Assess/Reassess Template (see form link above). As always, Perkins-funded programs will continue to submit Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) results at year's end, too. For more information on TSAs, go to:


CTE SACs directly assess their Degree and Certificate Outcomes.

NEW! This year, CTE SACs are filling out a new template that serves as a combo Multi-Year Plan (MYP) and Summary Data Report (SDR). The MYP portion will account for all degree and certificate outcomes and the timeline for assessing each. Technical Skills Attainments (TSAs) must be submitted still for Perkins-funded programs (more on this below), but, in addition to the state reporting requirement, SACs will use the SDR portion of the new template to provide summary data for all outcomes assessed this year. Last, the SACs will pick one of this year’s assessed outcomes (focal assessment) and describe the process and results of that assessment using another new template (currently under development). 

Summative Assessments and TSAs

CTE SACs are responsible for conducting summative assessments of all degrees and certificates within a three-year cycle (according to their Multi-Year Plan). Programs receiving federal Perkins funds also must conduct Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) assessments annually. The TSA reports must be filed with PCC's Institutional Effectiveness Office with a copy provided to Dr. Kendra Cawley in Academic Affairs each July.

Focal Assessments

Each year, SACs select one of the degree and certificate outcomes assessed that year as their 'focal outcome' and report to the LAC on the assessment process and the results. A focal assessment has two parts, which can be performed in separate calendar years:

      1. The assessment phase: An initial assessment from which the SAC decides on appropriate responses to the findings; followed by...
      2. The reassessment phase: A follow-up assessment that explores the effectiveness of the SAC's response to the initial assessment.

Due Dates for CTE

November 26XX, 20182019:

      • Complete the 'green' portion of the SAC's own Multi-Year Plan (starting on Row 5 and filling in Column E forward)

June 17XX, 20192020:

      • Complete the 'blue' Summary Data portion of SAC's own Multi-Year Plan
      • Complete the separate CTE Annual Assess/Reassess Modified Template highlighting the process and results of one of the year's assessed degree and certificate outcomes

Submit the above plans and reports to:

July 31, 2019:

      • Report required TSA data to Institutional Effectiveness and to Kendra Cawley

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2020 LDC-DE Expectations

LDC-DE SACs conduct and report on one assessment project. SACs are free to assess or reassess outcomes of their choosing. The LAC suggests that the SACs ought to focus on either course-level or program-level outcomes, and, when possible, to focus on highly-enrolled courses. To be clear, LDC SACs no longer have to assess the core outcomes.

SACs are responsible for collecting student artifacts, norming the faculty evaluators, evaluating the artifacts, and, ultimately, analyzing the results of this year's assessment. There is no SAC-level "All-In" project in 20182019-1920.

LDC-DE Process

LDC-DE assessment planning and reporting happens in two phases. For first-time assessments, each SAC will complete the planning portion of the Assessment template in the fall and the end-of-year report (the latter portion of the template) in the spring. When conducting a follow-up assessment (assessing for improvement), SACs will fill out the Reassessment template--with the planning portion still due in the fall and the results portion due in the spring.

Due Dates for LDC_DE

November 26XX, 20182019: Planning sections of the LAC Assessment/Reassessment Reports. What follows are instructions only; links to the templates are provided in the Templates and Process section.

      • Use the LAC Assessment Report Form for an initial (first round) assessment, or
      • Use the LAC Reassessment Report Form when the SAC is reassessing an outcome after making changes to teaching or curriculum (aka "closing the loop"). If changes have been made to the assessment tools (e.g., exams, rubrics, etc.), use the LAC Assessment Report Form as this is treated as an initial assessment.

June 17XX, 20192020: Assessment findings

      • For this year's project: Complete the second half of the Assessment Plan/Report Form or the Reassessment Plan/Report Form and make corrections, if any, to the planning sections submitted in the fall. This may include changes in process and/or completing information that wasn't decided on or available when the planning section of the report was due.
      • For those SACs that did All-In last year, complete the Year 2 All-In Report Form (available later this year). This additional form is a means for reporting the findings of your results analysis.

Submit ALL completed plans and reports to:


    • Susan Wilson, Academic Support Coordinator and LAC coach,, 971-722-4555
    • Chris BrooksDelpha Thomas, LAC Vice-Chair 20182019-20192020,

CTE Coaches have not yet been assigned for 2018-2019 and all SACs have been given their coaches' contact information.2019-2020. 

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