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Assessment Resources and Rubrics:

  • The VALUE rubrics developed by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) are a great resource. Go to the AAC&U web page for detailed information about the rubrics, and click on this link to view the rubrics in a single PDF:    VALUE Rubrics [pdf]. Please note, these rubrics may or may not be the latest versions available from AAC&U directly.
  • Resource Page on Rubrics for Institutional Assessment, from the University of Virginia, has great instructions on how to design rubrics for institutional assessment and includes many good examples of rubrics.
  • Lots of Good Rubrics here! Miami University offers a resource page with many ready-made rubrics, along with instructions and free software for designing your own.
  • Designing Rubrics for Assessing Higher Order Thinking Various rubrics for aspects of critical thinking.
  • Holistic Critical Thinking Rubric [pdf] A fine, basic tool for evaluating critical thinking from Insight Assessment.
  • Washington State’s Guide to Rating Integrative and Critical Thinking One possible rubric on critical thinking.
  • Principles of Good Practice in Assessing Student Learning, an article from the American Association for Higher Education's article on assessing student learning, covers 9 principles of assessment.
  • Comprehensive Collection of all Learning Assessment Resources The North Carolina  , compiled by the North Carolina State University Planning and Analysis site keeps Department, is a resource list of articles, sites, and forums covering many elements of learning assessment.
  • PSU Portfolio Rubrics. Each year PSU uses rubrics to assess portfolios made by students enrolled in Freshman Inquiry courses. We don't know if all of these are used currently, but they have been used in the past: 
  • Holistic Critical Thinking [pdf]
  • Ethical Issues [pdf]
  • Quantitative Literacy [pdf]
  • Diversity [pdf]
  • Writing Rubric [pdf]
  • 's University Studies web page features rubrics such as Diversity; Ethics, Agency, and Community; Quantitative Literacy; and Writing (multiple).