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  • 2019-2020 CTE Expectations

  • CTE Process

    • Printable Checklist
    • Due Dates
  • 2019-2020 LDC-DE Expectations


Assessment Process & Due Dates


2019-2020 CTE Expectations

CTE SACs will assess a portion of their degree and certificate outcomes every year as outlined in their customized Multi-Year Plans, and will report summary data for all assessments conducted. Then, each SAC will select one of the outcomes assessed in 20182019-19 20 and provide a more detailed report of their process and findings on the CTE Annual Assess/Reassess Template (forms to be linked above). The assessment phase is the initial assessment from which the SAC decides on appropriate responses to the findings; followed by ... the reassessment phase, which is a a follow-up assessment that explores the effectiveness of the SAC's response to the initial assessment and, ideally, 'closes the loop.'

As always, Perkins-funded programs will continue to submit Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) results to IE and to Academic Affairs (and include TSA totals only--no student IDs--on the SDR). For more information on TSAs, go to:

Due Dates for CTE

Printable Checklist with Due Dates

December 2, 2019, submit to

      • Completed 'green' portion of the SAC's Multi-Year Plan (starting on Row 5 and filling in Column E forward)
      • Planning section of the LAC Assessment or Reassessment template to describe your focal outcome assessment...
        • Use the LAC Assessment Report Form for an initial (first round) assessment, or
        • Use the LAC Reassessment Report Form when the SAC is reassessing an outcome after making changes to teaching or curriculum (aka "closing the loop"). If changes have been made to the assessment tools (e.g., exams, rubrics, etc.), use the LAC Assessment Report Form as this is treated as an initial assessment.
      • TSA Information Sheet (if asked by Academic Affairs to do this)

June 30, 2020, submit to

      • Completed 'blue' Summary Data portion of SAC's Multi-Year Plan for all outcomes assessed this year (including TSAs and focal outcome assessment)
      • Completed LAC Assessment or Reassessment template (second half of the form completed in the fall) describing the process and results of your focal outcome assessment. If any changes were made to your project, please correct the planning portion of the document before submitting. This may include changes in process and/or completing information that wasn't decided on or available when the planning section of the report was due.

July 31, 2020, submit to Grants office (Grants Office) and to (Academic Affairs):

      • TSA results with student G numbers

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2019-2020 LDC-DE Expectations

LDC-DE SACs conduct and report on one assessment project. SACs are free to assess or reassess outcomes of their choosing. The LAC suggests that the SACs ought to focus on either course-level or program-level outcomes, and, when possible, to focus on highly-enrolled courses. To be clear, LDC SACs no longer have to assess the core outcomes.

LDC-DE assessment planning and reporting happens in two phases. For first-time assessments, each SAC will complete the planning portion of the Assessment template in the fall and the end-of-year report (the latter portion of the template) in the spring. When conducting a follow-up assessment (assessing for improvement), SACs will fill out the Reassessment template--with the planning portion still due in the fall and the results portion due in the spring.

SACs are responsible for collecting student artifacts, norming the faculty evaluators, evaluating the artifacts, and, ultimately, analyzing the results of this year's assessment.