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  • The VALUE rubrics developed by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) are a great resource. Go to the AAC&U web page for detailed information about the rubrics, and click on this link to view the rubrics in a single PDF: VALUE Rubrics [pdf]. Please note, this PDF may not reflect the latest versions of the AAC&U rubrics.
  • The Resource page on Institutional Assessment, from the University of Virginia, has great instructions on how to design rubrics for institutional assessment and includes many good examples of rubrics.
  • Miami University offers a resource page with many ready-made rubrics, along with instructions and free software for designing your own.
  • Principles of Good Practice in Assessing Student Learning, an article from the American Association for Higher Education, covers 9 principles of assessment.
  • Comprehensive Collection of all Learning Assessment Resources, compiled by the North Carolina State University Planning and Analysis Department, is a resource list of articles, sites, and forums covering many elements of learning assessment.PSU's University Studies web page features rubrics such as Diversity; Ethics, Agency, and Community; Quantitative Literacy; and Writing (multiple).