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 GroupChairs MembershipExamples of Efforts 
Steering Committee
  • Maria Mendez, ADA Coordinator
  • Kaela Parks, Director of Disability Services
  • Cheryl Scott, Dean of Instruction
  • Heather Lang, Dean of Student Development
  • Alex Baldino, Equity and Inclusion
  • Donna Bezio, Facilities
  • Rebecca Ocken, Bond
  • Wendy Palmer, Disability Services
  • Luis Menchu, Web Team
  • Phyllis Petteys, Disability Services
  • Karen Sorensen, Distance Learning
  • Michael Northover, Chief Information Officer
  • Rob Gabris, Risk Manager
  • Additional Stakeholders TBD
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Recommendations

Accessible Built Environment 
Former ADA Committee

  • Donna Bezio, Facilities
  • Wendy Palmer, Disability Services (Lead Co-Chair)
  • Kevin Crowley, Risk Management
  • Jody Griffin, Bond
  • Sgt.Dean Halley, Public Safety
  • Julie Mast, Facilities
  • Kathy McMullen, Transportation
  • Steven Morse, Facilities
  • Student Representative (TBA)
  • Response to Complaints
  • Remediation of Barriers
  • Documentation for Transition Plan
  • Access Maps

Accessible Digital Environment 

  • Luis Menchu, Web Team
  • Karen Sorensen, Distance Learning
  • Phyllis Petteys, Disability Services
  • Phyllis Petteys, Disability Services (Lead)
  • Luis Menchu, Web Manager, Technology Support Services Rep IT (Lead)
  • Karen Sorensen, Distance Learning (Lead)
  • Gabriel Nagmay, Web Team
  • Sarah Tillery, Division Dean
  • Michael Moss, Instructional Support 
  • Kim Copley, Procurement/Purchasing  
  • Tanya Littrell, Faculty
  • John Hinman, Student Representative
  • Brian McGuirkLisa Mollinelli, Library
  • Lisa Brandt, AT Committee lead
  • Ken Brown, Bookstore Mgr
  • ICT Policy and Plan

  • Evaluation - VPAT Repository

  • AT Committee