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Welcome to the Math SAC Spaces page, eternally under construction. Here in this Space, information can be readily retrieved by any PCC community member, without having a Monark account, having a Novell login, being a Math SAC Group member, having a spot account, having been granted access to a Google doc, etc.

Current Leadership

SAC chairsCarl Yao, Bret RickmanStephanie Yurasits, Greta Swanson
SAC recordersHeiko Spoddeck, Eric Zupunski
SAC archivistsPeter Haberman, Scot Leavitt
Space adminsAlex Jordan, Scot Leavitt

Who can view and edit content here?

WhereView PermissionEdit Permission
Outermost levelAnyone anywhere on the internet can see content. This allows us to post information that is useful to colleagues outside of PCC, such as information on our OER initiatives, accessibility research, etc.All full-time SAC members and several part-time SAC members have been given editing permission. If you are a part-time SAC member and would like to have editing permission, please contact a Space admin.
Subcommittees pageOnly visible to people in the PCC community, who have logged in to Spaces.All FT faculty and any PT leadership, such as SAC secretaries. This allows, for instance, a subcommittee chair to edit their committee's membership when someone leaves or joins. And secretaries can update committee membership following SAC meetings.
SAC Meetings pageOnly visible to people in the PCC community, who have logged in to Spaces.

While the agenda for a specific meeting is still being settled, SAC chairs may elect to hide the meeting page until the final draft agenda is published. Once the page is ready to be made public, SAC chairs should simply remove all permissions restrictions from that specific page. Then the page will inherit the overall permissions restrictions for the SAC Meetings page.
The only people who have permission to edit anything here are the SAC chairs, secretaries, archivists, and Space admins.

Once meeting minutes are approved (at a subsequent meeting), a page's permissions are changed so that no one may edit it, except the Space admins who always have that permission (but should not use it).
Archived SAC Meeting materialThe only people who have permission to view this are FT faculty as of September 2016, plus specifically added people as time goes by. Any SAC member may request a Space admin to grant access to this material, but no effort will be made to keep current the list of people with this permission.The only people who have permission to edit anything here are the archivists, and Space admins.

If you have permission to make an edit, you have to be logged in to Spaces. Whenever an edit is made, there is a record of who made the change and when, and the full history of the page is maintained for viewing past versions. An alert is sent out to anyone "watching" the page or the Space, unless the person editing unchecks the "Notify watchers" box.


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