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Math Content You NeedCommentsHow to Type It into the CourseLeaf CCOG Editor
3 is the solution to \(x+1=4\)
You could just leave this as unformatted math. But it's prettier if you enter it using LaTeX.
\(3\) is the solution to \(x+1=4\)
2 is a solution to x<5/2 

The greater-than sign and the less-than sign are used in HTML element declarations.

To be safe, rather than typing them, use \lt and \gt.

\(2\) is a solution to \(x\lt\frac{5}{2}\)
3x^2-15x-18 = 3(x^2-5x-6)
  = 3(x + 1)(x - 6)

For multi-line expressions, use the aligned environment.

The & character marks where alignment happens.

The \\ marks where rows end.

Using \left( and \right), instead of just ( and ), will make the parentheses grow to the appropriate height.

Note the extra braces around the 3 and the \left(...\right) expression. These just make the spacing nicer.

3x^2-15x-18 &={3}{\left(x^2-5x-6\right)}\\