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Welcome to the home page for the G 148 Volcanoes and Earthquakes Open Educational Resources (OER) space.

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About this space

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children  This space collects OER materials on volcanoes and earthquakes and their associated hazards with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. The materials on this site have been designed the open access text:

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest by Robert S. Yeats

Additional open access general geology texts and sites include:

Physical Geology by Steven Earle

Open Geology from Salt Lake Community College

GS 106 Earth Science from Linn-Benton Community College

Oregon Virtual Field Trips by Sahnnon Othus-Gault

These resources are supplemented by the following materials:

Volcano Reading GuidesAnnotated guides to additional OER volcano resources with guiding questions.
Web ResourcesList of webrsources that can be used to further explore volcanoes, earthquakes and their hazards.
Instructor ResourcesOER materials useful to instructors teaching volcano and earthquakes courses.


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While this space has been designed to support the G 148 Volcanoes and Earthquakes course at Portland Community College it can be used to support any earth science course that investigates volcanoes and earthquakes and their associated hazards. Development of this space was supported by the Revise, Remix grant to Eriks Puris, Marjan Rotting, Megan Faust and Andy Hilt as well as a PCC IIP grant to Melinda Hutson.