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Sets of images from OER resources in a powerpoint format that instructors can use to build their lecture powerpoints.
(Use pdfs to preview image sets within Spaces before downloading ppt files.)

Chapter 1 -
Yeats Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest


Chapter 1pdfpptA Concept of Time
Chapter 2
pdfpptPlate Tectonics
Chapter 3
- Earthquake Basics
pdfpptEarthquake Bascis
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
pdfpptEarthquakes in the Juan de Fuca Plate
Chapter 6
pdfpptEarthquakes in the Crust: Closer to Home
Chapter 7
pdfpptMemories of the Future: The Uncertain Art of Earthquake Forecasting
Chapter 8
pdfpptSolid Rock and Bowls of Jello
Chapter 9
- Tsunami!


Chapter 11 -
Chapter 10  Earthquake Insurance: Betting Against Earthquakes (no figures)
Chapter 11pdfpptIs Your Home Ready for an Earthquake?
Chapter 12
pdfpptEarthquake Design of Large Structures
Chapter 13  The Federal Government and Earthquakes (no figures)
Chapter 14
pdfpptThe Role of State and Local Government
Chapter 15  Preparing for the Next Earthquake (no figures)
Chapter 16  An Uncertain Appointment with a Restless Earth (no figures)



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