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Sets of images from OER resources in a powerpoint format that instructors can use to build their lecture powerpoints.
(Use pdfs to preview image sets within Spaces before downloading ppt files.)

Chapter 1 -        
Yeats Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest


Chapter 1pdfpptA Concept of Time
Chapter 2
pdfpptPlate Tectonics
Chapter 3
- Earthquake Basics
pdfpptEarthquake Bascis
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
pdfpptEarthquakes in the Juan de Fuca Plate
Chapter 6
pdfpptEarthquakes in the Crust: Closer to Home
Chapter 7
pdfpptMemories of the Future: The Uncertain Art of Earthquake Forecasting
Chapter 8
pdfpptSolid Rock and Bowls of Jello
Chapter 9
- Tsunami!
Chapter 10  
Chapter 11 -      
Earthquake Insurance: Betting Against Earthquakes (no figures)
Chapter 11pdfpptIs Your Home Ready for an Earthquake?
Chapter 12
pdfpptEarthquake Design of Large Structures
Chapter 13  
Chapter 14 -      
The Federal Government and Earthquakes (no figures)
Chapter 14pdfpptThe Role of State and Local Government
Chapter 15  Preparing for the Next Earthquake (no figures)
Chapter 16  An Uncertain Appointment with a Restless Earth (no figures)



USGS This Dynamic Planet